Why Did Kanye West Meet With Donald Trump? [Video]



In today’s news of the world’s oddest pairing, President-elect Donald Trump met with controversial rapper Kanye West on the morning of Dec. 13, 2017, at Trump Towers. The nature of their meeting was kept a secret from the on-looking press and photographers as the two took photo-ops in the lobby, but the meeting was very strange and unpredicted – ironically similar to Trump’s win. Considering that West recently left UCLA Medical Center after a mental breakdown and is still undergoing treatment, this bold move is nothing short of perplexing to many. West was not shy about voicing his support for Trump, prior to his mental breakdown and this move could just be a ploy to make headlines again.

When news broke that West was meeting with Trump, the internet and various news sources were in frenzy. From several of Yeezus’ fans who were stunned, not just because of his Meteor Man-inspired blonde hair, but puzzled as to why an artist who once dropped an unflattering line about Trump in his 2010 song, “So Appalled,” would even take time out of his recovery to entertain a meeting with the president-elect. On the other hand, many reporters are also perplexed, wondering why Trump, a man who had declined several opportunities for intelligence briefings (for reasons unknown) had agreed to meet with the artist.

Following their initial meeting, Wednesday morning, West returned to Twitter for the first time since Oct. 21, to further explain his bizarre encounter. The “Famous” artist tweeted that he met with Trump to discuss social issues that are affecting communities, and hear further, Trump’s stance on issues like bullying, violence in Chicago, teachers, modernizing curriculums, and multicultural issues. Considering these topics are more of an issue for the first lady or cabinet heads of these respective departments, the discussion between the two celebrities seemed pointless. Nothing else has come to fruition and no actual plans have been brought into the headlines as to how Trump will combat these issues. It is good to know West’s heart is in the right place.

WestAlthough Yeezus’ mental stability is still in a state of recovery, the newly blonde artist is still determined to run for office in 2024. In a less than cryptic tweet of “#2024,” West seems to have faith that Trump is going to make it the full eight years. As quixotic as both ideas may sound, the nation should not be surprised by anything that has taken place after the past few months.

Recently, West has been about the controversy and keeping his name in the headlines for more than just great music. From his media rants about not being fairly welcomed into the fashion industry during his 2010 “Yeezus” release, claiming that his wife Kim Kardashian was more influential than the first lady Michelle Obama, stating that Jay-Z does not even speak to him anymore, to openly supporting Trump. West has never shied away from voicing his opinion about anything—no matter who asks. Though this schtick has been aesthetic in more of his socio-political raps, and his blatant claim that George Bush does not care about black people, in the past it has become more obnoxious and boisterous concerning trivial matters, in the long-run of his career.

These media stunts are becoming more of a click-bait-worthy topic for TMZ reporters, rather than an actual subject that sparks an intellectual conversation, or forces the masses to look at the topics that West was once so passionate about. His meeting with Trump comes across as more of a media gag to keep his name current in the headlines, than the actual joining of great minds to discuss the topics that are affecting communities.

It has some puzzled and guessing, but it also leaves a majority to laugh at another gimmick to attract media attention. There is a slew of memes and gifs mocking the meeting between the two. At this moment, it is hard to understand, or care, about the point of West’s meeting with a candidate, whose platform to the White House played on the xenophobia and hate some Americans feel. Fans can only hope that West seizes from this “reality show of a presidency” and focuses on putting what he is going through into his music.

Opinion by Tyler Cole
Edited by Jeanette Smith


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