‘Once Upon a Time,’ Disney, and the Land of Untold Stories [Part Two]

Once Upon a Time

“Once Upon a Time” has become a favorite television series among fans worldwide. By the fourth year, the show gained a massive following and a group of fans called the Evil Regals emerged. The group is solely focused on the Evil Queen who is played by Lana Parrilla and even has a sign that was made up by Parrilla herself in support of her adoring fans.

Loving Parrilla is not the only star fans admire. Adoring fans come out of the woodwork at the “Once Upon a Time” comic cons dressed as the green with envy witch herself, The Wicked Witch of the West, played by Rebecca Mader. Since her appearance on the popular television show, fans have adopted her saying, “The Queen may be Evil, but I’m wicked and wicked always wins.”

‘Once Upon a Time’ Tells the Stories of Elsa and a Trio of Lady Super Villains

Once Upon a TimeSeason 4 of “Once Upon a Time” made its appearance on Sept. 28, 2014. This season starts off with Elsa from “Frozen” being brought back, by accident, through a portal from the Enchanted Forest. The Ice Princess is in search of her quirky and funny sister, Anna. Emma and her parents, along with others from the fictional town help Elsa find Anna.

Along the way “Once Upon a Time” creators added an addition to the “Frozen” storyline, the Snow Queen aka Ingrid. Her intentions are to claim two sisters to replace the ones she had lost in her previous life in Arendelle. Although the Snow Queen is presented as a villain, her real intentions were skewed because of how she viewed her powers of ice after she lost both of her sisters. One accidentally by her hands, the other as a result of her mistake, who entrapped her in an urn for 30 years and later died at sea.

The Snow Queen enacts yet another curse over the town of Storybrooke called Shattered Sight. Everyone in the town is affected by it except for Emma, Elsa, and Anna. The curse makes all the townspeople see the ugly side of people who in turn make them fight against one another over things long ago settled and forgotten.

The story also follows the reformed Regina Mills. She is in search of the author of “Once Upon a Time” so she can have him write her a happy ending. However, forces are at work against her and the whole of Storybrooke and its existence as everyone knows it. Mr. Gold, who has recently been exiled by his wife Belle enlisted the help of two super villains to gain his entrance back into Storybrooke. “Once Upon a Time” brings forth a “Hundred and 101 Dalmatians” villain Cruella De Vil and the tentacled villain from “The Little Mermaid,” Ursula, trick the people of Storybrooke to help Gold gain entrance back into the town.

Once Gold is back inside, he and his two sidekicks, are on a mission to find the author of “Once Upon a Time” and resurrect Maleficent to make their trio, a quad. When Snow and Charming get wind that the evil trio of women is in Storybrook they become frightened that their secret will come to light, and Emma will learn they are not the perfect heroes she once thought they were.

Maleficent is after revenge against the Charming’s, for reasons that are justified. Long ago the kind-hearted royal couple sent the darkness in their unborn child into Maleficent’s unborn child and then to a different realm to save their Emma from darkness.

Gold’s search for the “Once Upon a Time” author is to change the fates of villains and heroes, and of course to save himself in the process because Gold does nothing unless it benefits him. All of his evil deeds over the years has caused his heart to become nearly all black, which will render him dead but not really. To change his fate, he has the author of “Once Upon a Time” make all the villains, heroes, and vice versa. Now the world of everyone in Storybrooke is upside down, and Henry is the only one who can save his family and the town from this alternate universe before it becomes permanent.

‘Once Upon a Time’ Tells the Stories of King Author, Merida, and More

Once Upon a TimeSeason 5 rounds of “Once Upon a Time” premiered on Sept. 27, 2015. This time the Charming family, including Regina and Hook, are on a quest to save Emma from the darkness, now that she is the new Dark One. The journey takes them to Camelot where they meet King Author, from the Disney movie “The Sword and the Stone.”

Emma tries desperately to fight the darkness as she makes her way through the forest looking for Merlin, who is the only one who can help free her from the powers of the ancient curse. Along her journey, she meets the fiery redheaded and feisty bear princess, Merida from the movie “Brave.” Both are after a wisp, that if captured and taken back to where it lives, will grant a wish to the bearer. However, just as Emma is about to catch the wisp she is beaten to it by Merida. The two fight over it for a bit, but come to an agreement to bring it back together so they may both get what they need.

During the night Rumple, the ex-Dark One, whispers to Emma to take the wisp and cheat Merida out of her wish. The bear princess overhears Emma’s one-sided conversation and leaves in the middle of the night. The Dark One catches up to Merida the following day trying to talk the princess out of using the wisp just for herself. Against all the ex-Savior knows, she does what she would never do, and takes Merida’s heart from her chest threatening to kill her if she does not hand it over.

Just in the nick-of-time Emma’s family and loved ones show up to stop her from killing the Bear Princess. Hook tries to show Emma the good in life to help her drown out Rumple’s mischievous voice, taking her horseback riding into a field of flowers.

Unfortunately, even though Emma’s family and friends try to help show her the good through the bad it does not work because of a tragic accident involving Hook when Excalibur struck him. To save his life the writers of “Once Upon a Time” give fans yet another huge plot twist, Emma makes the pirate a Dark One as well. She then enacted another curse on the people of Storybrooke, bringing them back without their memories to hide what she had done, to give her time to undo it.

Inevitably Hook finds out he is a Dark One after Zelena shows him the dream catcher in which his memories were kept. Instead of feeling grateful to Emma for saving his life, he instead, is angered by it and lashes out towards her. Eventually, he comes to his senses and takes the darkness from Emma when he asks her to stab him with Excalibur. This act put the darkness back into the sword, so they think.

Emma, now the Savior again, is distraught over Hook’s death and wants to follow him to the Underworld to save him. Here is where fans meet the Greek god Hades from the Disney movie “Hercules.” The evil god is a love interest of Zelena’s and has transformed the Underworld to resemble Storybrooke, Maine, but with an upside down twist, for her.

Hades has Hook captive using him as leverage as the heroes try to save him. Fans also find out that Belle and Rumple are expecting a child, which of course the fiery god of hell finds out and uses to make a deal with the newly reappointed Dark One. Hades tries to trap the heroes in the Underworld after Zelena kisses him, breaking the curse on his heart, which was keeping him confined to the fiery depths of hell.

The semi-reformed Wicked Witch of the West believes that Hades has good intentions when he tells the heroes that a portal will open for a short time allowing everyone to escape back to Storybrooke. However, before the portal opens Henry and the others try to help the people in the Underworld solve their unfinished business. They are stopped by Cruella Di Vil and the candy witch, who eats children.

When everyone finally makes it out of the Underworld, Hades is on a mission to fix his brother Zeus’ lightning bolt to use against the whole of the residents in Storybrooke. When Regina finds out what Hades has in mind she tries stopping him along with her love interest Robin Hood. Robin is killed by Hades when he tries to protect Regina from the lightening bolt used to try to kill her. Zelena, although conflicted between killing her true love or her sister, chooses to kill Hades.

At the season’s end, fans meet Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, the first of the characters to show up from the Land of Untold Stories. Regina finds out the Dr. Jekyll has made a serum to separate his beast-self from his more refined persona and wants to know if it will work in separating herself from the Evil Queen. The season’s end shows Regina using the serum to separate her evil half from her and then crushing the Evil Queen’s heart.

‘Once Upon a Time’ gives way to the Land of Untold Stories

Now that the stories of the various Disney characters have been told, “Once Upon a Time” has moved on to the Land of Untold Stories, based on multiple fictional lands, one of which is the “Mysterious Island” from the Jules Verne’s novel by the same name.

Season 6 aired Sept. 25, 2016, with a slew of new characters being dropped at the doorstep of Storybrooke. The new season is still in full swing and fans wait patiently every week for the next episode to air. However, fans of “Once Upon a Time” are going to have to wait until March 2017, while the show is on a winter hiatus.

Season six of “Once Upon a Time” opened with a man on a flying carpet, soaring over desert sands towards a lone building. Inside the building was Aladdin aka the Savior and his enemy Jafar. This is the first glimpse fans get at the possibility of the fate of all Saviors, and that is, they must die. Of course, both are from the Disney movie “Aladdin.”

Mr. Hyde, now that he is separated from his better half Dr. Jekyll, has been jailed because he brought different characters from the Land of Untold Stories into Storybrooke.

Hyde tells Emma he knows about her visions and tremors sending her to an oracle who can show her a complete version of her death. During this time fans find out that Belle can be woken in a different way other than true love’s kiss. Gold is told by Morpheus he can enter her dreams to wake her from the curse, but he only has an hour to do so or she will remain asleep forever.

During the sleep-walking into Belle’s dream world, Morpheus reveals to them that he is their son and does not want his mother to reconcile with Rumple. After she wakes she heeds her son’s advice and leaves Gold.

Regina finds out through Henry that Robin’s soul may not have been completely destroyed by Hades giving her and fans hope of a reconciliation. Zelena moves in with her the now reformed Evil Queen, but quickly moves back out when she finds out Regina still blames her for Robin Hood’s death. When the Wicked Witch of the West moves back into her old house fans get their fist glimpse of the Evil Queen, thought to be killed by Regina after she separated herself from her, who is awaiting Zelena for a talk.

The Mysterious Magical Keys

In a flashback, fans see the Count of Monte Cristo aka Edmond Dantes, from the book of the same name and french novelist Alexandre Dumas, and the Evil Queen in cahoots to poison Snow White and Prince Charming by way of the Agrabahn Viper poison. However, Rumpelstiltskin does not want this to happen, for his own benefit of course, and manipulates the situation in the Charmings wine cellar where Charlotte, the Count’s love interest, is the one poisoned instead. Rumple offers them a solution to the incurable poison by way of a magical key that would transport them the Land of Untold Stories, where time stands still.

Cinderella aka Ashley found a similar key in her mother’s belongings and wanted to use it to escape her evil stepmother aka Lady Tremaine and step-sisters after a ball where she was made to think, by her stepmother, that Prince Thomas was laughing at her with Clorinda after he gave her a rose. However, Cinderella finds out that it was a cruel lie and the prince was actually in love with her.

Cinderella decided to help Clorinda and her love interest, the footmen Jacob after she finds out that the rose given her by Thomas was a congratulatory one and not one to express his interest in her stepsister. In order for Clorinda to escape Lady Tremaine so she can be with Jacob, Ella helps her by way of the portal key which would allow them to escape to the Land of Untold Stories. Unfortunately, they were stopped before they could go through and the evil stepmother dragged Clorinda, through instead.

Captain Nemo, from the novel “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea” and “The Mysterious Island,” also find a portal key. He tells his first mate and Hook that the key will take them and the Nautilus to The Mysterious Island aka the Land of Untold Stories. Fans find out that Nemo’s first mate is actually Hooks long-lost brother, Liam

This is significant to the storyline because in an earlier episode fans watch Hook kill their father and then leave the boy alone to find for himself. Since then, Hook’s brother has been tracking down the person who killed his father, only to find out that it was his very own brother.

During a struggle between Hook and Liam Captain Nemo intervenes and is accidentally stabbed by his first mate. In order to save the Captain, the key is used to take them to the Land of Untold Stories.

Mr. Hyde and Dr. Jekyll Come to ‘Once Upon a Time’

Once Upon a TIme“Once Upon a Time” is filled with plots on plots, on more plots, and this season is not any different. Once fans see that the Evil Queen survived Regina crushing her heart essentially killing her, the plot twists and turns into avenues not yet explored. How does one kill their evil half?

This question is answered after Belle seeks refuge from Gold on Hooks ship. She then is trapped there when Rumple finds her and he uses a protection spell to keep her in and Mr. Hyde, who he thinks wants to harm her and their unborn baby, out.

The Evil Queen helps Mr. Hyde to escape his cell, and Gold fears he is after Belle in order to hurt him. Following his escape, Hyde finds his other half, who is making a serum with Dr. Frankenstein that will kill Hyde once and for all. However, he takes it and destroys the workshop.

Hyde gets ahold of the dagger which controls The Dark One and forces Gold to the docks where Belle is to watch as the real villain, Dr. Jekyll, is trying o kill her. Fortunately, Hook comes to the rescue and kills the evil doctor which in turn kills his other half Mr. Hyde as well. This prompts Regina to ask Emma to kill her if necessary, because it may be the only way to stop her other half the Evil Queen.

‘Once Upon a Time’ Introduces Princess Jasmin and Aladdin

Once Upon a TimeSnow White wants all things to go back to the way they were before the curse was broken. In order to place some “normalcy” back into her life, she returns to teaching where she meets her new teaching aid, Shirin aka Princess Jasmin. The princess is being assisted by the Oracle in her search for Aladdin.

In the past, Aladdin was tricked by Jasmin in helping her to find a magical weapon that would save her kingdom from Jafar. When Aladdin discovers he is to become the Savior, and that their destiny’s end in death, Jafar offers him a pair of shears that will alter his fate. The thief turns him down but keeps the shears using them at a later date, dooming Agrabah.

Jasmin reveals to Emma who she is looking for, and if he is found alive, that she might not die. The Evil Queen is curious about Emma’s visions and poses as Archie in order to force her to reveal them to her. But, the queen’s trickery does not stop there, she goes to Zelena to convince her to embrace her wicked side and turn Archie back into a cricket.

When Aladdin comes out of hiding he tells Emma about the shears and gives them to her. She turns around and gives them to Hook who she asks to destroy them. However, the pirate does not and hides them in their garage, just in case. Henry finds them after the Evil Queen shows him the hiding place. This angers the boy and he goes to the ocean to throw them in. But, before he is able, Hook finds him to try to explain why it is he kept them when out of nowhere the Nautilus comes out of the water. They are escorted onto the vessel.

After leaving the shears in a chest under the sea Henry and Hook feel confident they are lost and will never be found. Unbeknownst to them, the Evil Queen has retrieved them and given them to Gold for his future help in stealing Snow’s heart.

‘Once Upon a Time’ and the Woodcutter

In the past, Snow and Charming are set on two different quests; Snow is trying to escape the Queen, while Charming is sent, by his mother, to a near city in order to sell their farm. During their treks, they both run across a bounty hunter called the Woodcutter who is less than nice trapping Snow in his wagon in order to get the reward for capturing her. Charming wakes up after being knocked out by the Woodcutter and finds the princess in the wagon. He tries to free her before her captor comes back to no avail. He fights the Woodcutter and wins with the help of Snow.

Charming wakes up after being knocked out by the Woodcutter and finds the princess in the wagon. He tries to free her before her captor comes back to no avail. He fights the Woodcutter and wins with the help of Snow. When the prince continues to try to free her she stops him, saying he would only be hunted down by those who were after her if he saw her face. She hands him money, through a hole in the wagon, she had been saving to escape the Evil Queen in order to help him save his farm. When their hands touch a magical sapling sprouts.

Stopping the Evil Queen

In Storybrooke Snow and David are told by the Evil Queen that if they do not hand over their hearts in 24 hours she will use the waters from the River of Lost Souls to destroy Storybrooke. Regina, Snow, and Charming are in search of the sapling in order to entrap the Queen and stop her. However, they are stopped by the Queen before they are able to leave the cave in which it was found and she snaps the sapling in half.

The Charming’s feel as though there is no other alternative than to surrender their hearts to the Evil Queen, showing up to allow her to take them. In an unexpected twist the Queen does rip their hearts out, but instead of crushing them she puts a sleeping curse on them and places them back in their chests. The twist is, even though the curse can be broken with true love’s kiss, only one can be awake at a time. Forcing the Charming’s to be away from each other in the conscience world for eternity.

Regina and Emma come up with another plan to put a stop to the Evil Queen’s destruction. They try to trap her in a mirror, however, the Queen is privy to their plan and swaps the enchanted mirror with one that is not, inevitably trapping the two in the mirror they intended for the Evil Queen.

By Tracy Blake


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