Manchester Police Furious With US Leaks to Media


The U.K. has ceased the release of any more information to the U.S. concerning the bombing outside the Manchester Arena, on May 22, 2017.

Hours after the attack, outside an Ariana Grande concert, U.S. media reported the name of the suicide bomber. Photographs of the debris were published by the New York Times, the following day, which incited anger in U.K. officials.

British Prime Minister Theresa May stated publicly that all intelligence obtained in this matter “must remain secure.” She promised to remind Donald Trump at the NATO meeting.

Officials in the U.K. have opened an investigation to identify the leaks to the U.S. media. Acting ambassador to the U.K., Lewis Lukens called the public release of information “deeply distressing.”

Greater Manchester police have reported significant strides in the investigation and are hopeful the normal exchange of intelligence will resume soon, according to the BBC. At this time, however, emotions are too high and information on this particular inquisition will not be shared until the matter is closed.

Investigators and government officials are furious with the U.S. for releasing their findings surrounding the Manchester Arena bombing to the media. Chief Constable Ian Hopkins said the reports from news sources in the U.S. were causing added distress for the families, who were already suffering.

Twenty-two people are dead and 116 injured from the explosion that occurred outside Manchester Arena. Information about the debris was shared, in hopes of learning anything new about the bomb maker. The media use of the photographs could impede the investigation and make finding the person harder.

These two leaks have breached the trust of the U.K. government. Manchester officials believe the information was shared with the New York Times by members of law enforcement in the U.S., not the White House.

Written by Jeanette Smith


BBC: Manchester attack: Police not sharing information with US

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