The Fidget Spinner Helps Smokers

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The fidget spinner craze that is sweeping the nation can help smokers. The toy, developed to ease anxiety, keeps idle hands busy so people smoke less.

Recently, a writer in Maine, reported that he used a fidget spinner so he would smoke fewer cigarettes.

It was pointed out to me that I smoke twice as many cigarettes when I am doing tedious tasks. My son had a spinner and I thought I would try it. It helped the first day! Over a 3-hour period of tedious tasks, I only smoked two cigarettes.

This behavior was shared among friends and family members. Then, others started using the toy to help them smoke less, or even quit. A neighbor bought one to help her stop snacking while she watched television. It has become a spinning neighborhood.

History of The Fidget Spinner

Catherine Hettinger was visiting her sister in Israel, when she discovered there was a need for a soothing toy that would distract and entertain. She heard about young boys throwing rocks at police officers, while adults passed by and said nothing.

In 1993, Hettinger developed the first fidget spinner in Orlando, Florida.

It started as a way of promoting peace, and then I went on to find something that was very calming.

However, she is not receiving the credit for the fidget spinner craze because her patent for the toy expired in 2005.

Sales Spinning Phenomenon

Now, the fidget spinner has become a national phenomenon. They are so popular that on May 2, 2017, some variation of the spinner filled all Top 20 Best Seller slots on Amazon. On May 18, 96 out of Amazon’s 100 bestselling toys and games were a variety of fidget toys.

The fidget spinner, Rubik’s Cube, and yo-yos began to increase in sales toward the end of 2016. On May 13, 2017, Google reported the “fidget spinner” search term had reached the highest interest point and did not show signs of decreasing too soon.

Social media sites are perpetuating the trend through discussions and videos. YouTube hosts thousands of fidget spinner videos: How to do tricks, create a fidget toy, take one apart, etc. Facebook also hosts member videos and ads of the toy.

Proof the Fidget Spinner Helps

They are sold as stress reducers. Children with ADD/ADHD use them to concentrate in the classroom. Others use them when they are bored, or simply cannot sit still.

According to Forbes, the fidget toy has not been scientifically proven to meet the needs claimed in this article. Nevertheless, it seems to be the mindfulness, or mindless, approach that is working. The small, quiet device allows the user to spin as desired while focusing on other things. People can fidget without causing a disturbance.

Children stay in their seats. Smokers do not have to leave meetings for a cigarette. Anxious people can enter stressful situations calmly, and it can all be accomplished with the inexpensive aid. Fidget spinners may not be scientifically proven to help, but it seems their use has been justified mentally.

Opinion News by Jeanette Smith


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Featured and Top Image Courtesy of fidgetcircle’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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