Allen Iverson and the Potential Pitfall


Allen “AI” Iverson remains a big disappointment and a model of the potential pitfall. Failing to show up for the BIG3 Dallas game is a serious let down since he is the biggest star involved. Iverson was a star player in high school as well as the main stadium filler for years with the Philadelphia 76ers. Although Iverson could land the basketball in the hoop, he was never a real team player and could not seem to master the discipline it takes to maximize potential.

Despite being a Hall of Famer and still a beloved star, AI cannot seem to get it together. Bent on doing his own thing and having no regard for the people his actions affect, Iverson shows no true loyalty to anything. The superstar baller spent years struggling through life when the thing that could have set his genius free remains ignored. All AI needed was discipline to lift him from potential to purpose.

The thing to remember is just because something “can” happen does not mean it ever will. Humanity has the freedom to soar to heights unknown or plunge to the floor of what could be. Potential is only valuable when it is engaged with the full intent to maximize it. After all, what good is it to have muscles and never capitalize on them? Here are more realities of the potential pitfall:

  • Potential boils down to a choice: It is so convenient to blame all of life’s maladies on someone else’s Iversonbehavior. We are in control of our lives. Even the things that happen to hurt us, we still control our reaction. A person with no self-control or accountability cannot realistically expect success. Why? Because success is all about turning potential into performance. And that takes discipline.
  • Potential’s biggest enemy is “some” day: Someday will never be on a calendar. We often live so removed from the present moment we are missing the opportunity to connect. Greatness averts those who dwell in yesterday or get lost in the dreams of tomorrow. The man or woman who can capture and tame their “now” change the world. Potential can be deceiving and cause a false sense of security. It can always happen, tomorrow.
  • Potential reveals what is really in us: We love the idea of greatness but inwardly despise the work it takes to accomplish it. We want the degree without the hassle of going to class. We want a perfect family but will not do the hard work of cultivating a home. We want the easy way out! Unfortunately, there are NO shortcuts to greatness. You pay the price of self-sacrifice to cross the toll bridge to your success. Any other way is a fantasy that will never come true.

What a sad ending to a man with so much potential. It may be a waste, but not a surprise, from the guy who was famous for his, “I can’t believe we’re talking about practice” line. In November 2006, these words went viral when the Philadelphia 76ers star sat in a press conference angered because he was being penalized for not showing up to practice. He could not understand why anyone would want to make a big deal about practice when he had given the team all he had in every game since 1996.

Iverson just did not get it and never learned it. Had he taken practice and his game more seriously he might have had a longer run at stardom. It seems Iverson has always had a disdain for rules, structure, and boundaries. His coaches did him a disservice by not holding him accountable; instead, they fueled his irresponsibility by letting him remain the unsupervised star of the show.

Iverson’s whereabouts are being investigated.  His skills are solid, but his unreliable behavior is unacceptable.  No official statement has been released on the expectation moving forward, but for now, Iverson remains a disappointment and a model of the potential pitfall.

Opinion by Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


Deadspin: Big3 League Is Investigating Allen Iverson’s No-Show

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  1. John Kiz   July 31, 2017 at 8:42 pm

    Are we waiting for an actual punishment from the mickey mouse league that consists of 4 point shots, washed up ball players and a commissioner that’s a rapper? Don’t hold your breath. While I’m a huge Sixers fan, over the years I’ve separated the man that showed up for the game from the man that didn’t commit himself to the game. And let’s be honest, from the bowling alley incident to cheating on his wife and blowing off the Philadelphia fans that paid to see him play again, this man has proved to be a piece of garbage. Unfortunately my fellow Sixer fans don’t realize this.


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