Janice Wesen Nevada AD34 Candidate Assures Voters She Represents Them

WesenThe General Election is November 6, 2018, but in Nevada, voters have the option to cast their ballots early, between October 20 and November 2. Janice Wesen, the legislative candidate for Assembly District 34 encourages everyone to vote.

Since the primary election earlier this year, Janice has been knocking on doors in her district. She has talked with her neighbors and asked about their needs and desires. She listened and will take their comments with her to Carson City.

Wesen will be their voice. She wants to assure them that she represents them and their needs. She will take the time to understand how a proposed bill will affect her constituents before making a decision on her position. Moreover, she will continue to ask them for their opinions.

She is a mother who understands every parent wants their children to succeed in school. She is disappointed in Nevada’s school ratings and will work to give everyone the opportunity to select their children’s schools. She will work toward funding the already-approved Educational Savings Accounts (ESA).

As a business owner, Wesen knows how government regulations affect companies. She intends to vote for bills that promote a healthy business environment in Nevada. She will work to repeal the Commerce Tax and keep other burdensome taxes from becoming law.

Currently, the state’s economy is stable and Wesen will do whatever she can to make certain it continues to improve. Along with a stable economy, keeping the unemployment rate low is one of her goals.

Wesen does not want SJR14, the massive property tax hike to become law. She will fight against its approval when it comes to the floor for its final vote in 2019.

Janice Wesen’s office will always have an open-door policy, she is committed to paying attention to what her district’s citizen need and want. She will vote for logical, sound legislation that will benefit Nevadans not make their lives more difficult.

Written by Cathy Milne-Ware

Photos Courtesy of Janet Wesen – Used With Permission