Donald Trump Blames Democrats for Child’s Death


On Saturday President Donald Trump blamed  Democrats for the untimely death of two migrant children who died while they were in government custody earlier in the month. Trump stated on Twitter if the Democrats permitted a wall,  the deaths would have been prevented.

Trump Tweeted:

Any deaths of children at the Border are  the fault of the Dems and their  immigration policies that permits individuals to come the country illegally

Border patrol picked up seven-year-old Jackelin Caal on Dec. 6  Jakelin Caal with her father in Lordsburg, New Mexico. The child started having seizures and was flown to a hospital in El Paso, Texas. The child died from dehydration two days later.

Border Patrol also picked up Felipe Gomez Alonzo who was 8 and his father in El Paso on December 18.  The child began to vomit, cough and had a fever.  He was brought to a hospital where he died on Christmas Eve.  It was reported by the medical examiner that the child died from the flu.

The President Tweeted:

The children were sick before  Border Patrol picked them up.  The father of the young girl stated he hadn’t given her water in many days. Border Patrol needs the Wall and it will all end.

Shortly before Jakelin Caal died her father signed a form stating that his daughter was in good health. The form was written in English and read to him in Spanish by Border Patrol agents.  Jakelin’s father’s primary language is Q’eqchi, which is Mayan language. He also spoke Spanish. It is possible when the forms were read to him he didn’t completely understand it

The Homeland Security secretary Kirstjen Nielsen blamed the children’s parents and state that their deaths were caused by them being brought into the United States Illegally.

Custom and Border Protection (CBP) reported that they would be reviewing the policies pertaining to child detention.  This was a direct result of the untimely death of Felipe Gomez Alonzo.

Written By Barbara Sobel


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