Bowling Alley Shooting in Southern California Leaves 3 Dead

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According to the Associated Press, three men were killed and four were injured during a shooting on Friday night at a bowling alley in Southern California.

On Saturday, the police department of Torrance, California said, via Twitter, that they were responding to calls and reports of shots being fired at a bowling alley noting that multiple people were said to be hurt. The police advised everybody not to go near the area.

A police spokesperson did not comment when asked on Saturday by the Washington Post.

The shooting allegedly happened at the Gable House Bowl. There website reveals that the Gable House Bowl is a gaming and bowling venue.

Police did not report what lead to or caused the shooting, which was reported Friday evening at around midnight. However, witnesses reported to the AP that there was a fight between two groups of people at the bowling alley prior to the shooting.

Dana Scott, who was an eyewitness, stated that people were hiding under benches. The people who were bowling laid down on the floor, hid under seats and went behind benches. She also stated that it was family league night.  There were kids searching for their parents.

Police informed the AP that three men were pronounced dead, and four males were injured. Two of the men who were injured declined medical attention and stated they would obtain their own. Two others were taken to local area hospitals. As of Saturday, their status and the severity of their injuries have not been released.

Written By Barbara Sobel


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