Swedish Sensation STHLM Ltd Featuring Michel Young Who Is It?

Michel Young

A group of Swedish producers from Stockholm came together for a session and new Swedish star Michel Young was brought in for vocals –  STHLM Ltd and Running is the result of this unique meeting.

The  STHLM Ltd producers known for their work for artists such as Madonna, Enrique Iglesias, Ne-Yo, September, Ariana Grande, P!nk, Robin S, Crystal Waters to mention a few had long felt it was time to work on a project where music is first, not the usual name tag, branding efforts common in this day and age.

A string of collaborations with prominent K-pop artists set the creative forces in motion and soon a new hot and international sound was developed. When the group worked on a new production demoed by singer Michel Young it struck them that this is it!

There are many ways to describe  Swedish born Michel Young, born and raised in Stockholm Sweden. The first sign of future greatness for this Swedish artist was at the finals of pop IDOL Sweden where he stood out from the crowd. His unique vocal style caught the attention of one of the STHLM Ltd producers, who got him into the studio and hit it off right away.

Being talented and charismatic just seem to scratch the surface of the Swedish singer known as Michel Young, but there is one word that ties them all together: Michel Young is Real and does it just the right way, combining art, story, and song in perfect unison.

Look out for the insanely hot STHLM featuring Michel Young – Running that will hit the streets in 2019.

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