Jazz Jennings Discusses Gender Reassignment Surgery

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JenningsIn the latest episode of 18-year-old Jazz Jennings’ reality series on TLC “I Am Jazz,” Jennings is at her final doctor’s appointment prior to her gender reassignment surgery. Jennings had the actual surgery in June.

Dr. Marci Bowers who is Jennings’ surgeon stated that she has not examined her in a year and there are issues that appears to have arisen since her last visit. One is the age factor and how it is borderline for having this type of surgery. Usually, people are older.

Jenning’s parent Jeanette and Greg also attended the appointment. One of the questions they asked was how the doctor will create Jennings new genitals.

Dr. Bowers explained that they will use tissue she has already to make the outside. For the portion that is sensitive, the clitoris will be made from the penis head. The doctor stated that she still did not know how she would make the actual vagina.

After Jennings heard that the doctor did not know how they would build her vagina, she stated that it made her nervous and it showed the difficulties of her case.

Dr. Bowers explained that Jennings was going to have a breakthrough surgery in which they use the peritoneal lining to form the vagina. She also stated that Jennings was a difficult case. They couldn’t do conventional surgery because she didn’t go through puberty, thus her genitals did not grow as they should have.  They would have to take a different approach to harvest tissues to form the new body parts.

Dr. Bowers then turned the conversation to sex.  Her mother stated that has not gotten easier to talk about, and she still feels uncomfortable about the subject.

Jennings stated that she has no sexual desires to which the doctor replied that if an individual can have an orgasm before surgery, they will probably be able to have one post surgery.

Dr. Bowers stated that Jennings has never had an orgasm. Surgery will not be delayed because of that factor, however, Jennings will have to realize that after surgery it will be very difficult for her to have one.

Jennings has always been very outspoken and honest about the discrimination transgender people are afflicted with on a regular basis. She stated that people are trying to make her feel worthless. They call her a boy or a freak. Jennings said she feels sorry for those type of people because by insulting her it makes them feel important.

She offered advice for other transgender people who are living through what she is. She told them to not bother with negative people.

She said if the people in your life do not love and support you then one should find those who will. If your family does not accept and support you find those who will. Surround yourself with people who love the true you. One shouldn’t live their life not being true to yourself.

She stated that people should not be afraid to be who they are and not to be ashamed. Always be your true self and love it. You do not need people to give you validation about who you are. Validate and love yourself.

Written By Barbara Sobel


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