Wendy Williams Takes Another Week Off Due to Husbands Cheating

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WilliamsRadar Online is reporting that 54-year-old Wendy Williams will not be returning to work as scheduled and asked for another week off from her talks show due to the scandal surrounding her husband’s cheating.

Stating that she had health issues, she recently took some time off from hosting her show.

Williams recently fractured her shoulder. When she returned to the show, she displayed bizarre behavior that had the people around her worried and talking.

A source told Radar Online that the talk show host was scheduled to start taping ‘The Wendy Williams Show’ on Jan. 7. However, she decided to take another week off. Her staff was told this on Friday, and all the bookings which were scheduled had to be canceled and rescheduled.

“The Wendy Williams Show’ posted on their Instagram on Jan. 4 that the show would resume taping on Jan. 7.  However, the post has been removed from the site.

Williams’ husband Kevin Hunter has allegedly impregnated Sharina Hudson who is thought to be his long-term mistress, which has been denied by both Williams and Hunter.

It is alleged that Hunter has been involved in a 10-year affair with Sharina Hudson. Radar Online recently reported that the alleged love nest of Hunter and Hudson was recently put on the market.

In December Williams announced her shoulder had been fractured, however, a source claimed that something worse was going on with the talk show host’s health.  The source also added that the episode which was supposed to air on Dec. 17 was scrapped and in its place aired a rerun.

Just recently, fans rejoiced as she signed a two year contract.

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Radar Online: Wendy Williams Takes ‘Another Week Off’ Show Amid Husband’s Cheating Scandal

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