Charles Manson Follower Robert Beausoleil Recommended for Parole

MansonOn January 3, 2019,  a California parole board recommended that Robert Beausoleil, a follower of Charles Manson, be recommended for parole after serving almost 50 years in prison.  Previously, he had gone in front of the parole board 18 times and was rejected.

The 71-year-old Beausoleil was not involved in the 1969 murders committed by the Manson family that took the life of Sharon Tate and six other individuals. He was found guilty in the murder of Gary Hinman which he committed before the Manson murders occurred.

In parole hearing testimony, it was reported that before Hinman was murdered, he was tortured for three days.

Charles Manson slashed his face and ear with a sword.

Beausoleil’s lawyer stated that he has changed since 1969 and that he is no longer the same person. He has matured and today he is a  thoughtful and compassionate individual.

In 1970, Beausoleil was sentenced to death.  However, in 1973, the sentence was converted to life in prison because California ended of the death penalty.

Kay Hinman Martley who is the victim’s cousin was at the parole hearing.  She disagreed with the release of Beausoleil and asked incoming Governor Gavin Newsom not to release him.

The outgoing governor Jerry Brown was against the release of the Manson family members.

Martley stated that she had always had hope that they would keep all the Manson followers in prison, and prayed the new governor would reverse the decision.

Sharon Tate’s sister, Debra Tate, was in the courtroom at the parole hearing.  She has started a petition to keep Beausoleil in prison. 36,000 people have signed it.

The petition mentioned that on July 27, 1969, after being tortured for two days, Bobby Beausoleil ordered Hinman to transfer the rights to his car to his name.  After he complied, Beausoleil killed him by stabbing his victim in the chest two times.

Beausoleil then used Hineman’s blood to write on a wall, ‘Political Piggy.’ He added a panther paw as he was hoping to frame the murders on the Black Panthers.

Before becoming a Manson family member, Beausoleil was an up and coming actor and musician. While in prison he sold his music and art outside the prison. Tate was upset that he made money from the murders which are against prison rules.

At 83-years-old, Manson died in prison on November 19, 2017.

Written By Barbara Sobel


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