Chris Brown Files Defamation Lawsuit Against Rape Accuser

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BrownJan. 24, 2019, Chris Brown’s attorney Raphael Chiche filed with the Paris Public Prosecutor false accusation charges against a woman who accused his client of rape on Jan. 18.

On Jan. 21 Brown was taken into custody by police and questions about an alleged rape. A woman filed charges with the authorities alleging she was raped in Brown’s hotel on Jan. 18 after the two met in a nightclub.  After an investigation, Brown was released without any charges pressed against him.

In the complaint submitted by Brown’s layer, the Prosecutor is asked to investigate the false claim made by the woman as a criminal matter. If the alleged victim is found guilty, the charge for this type of crime is up to five years in prison and a fine of $50,000.

After his release, Brown posted a picture on his Instagram exclaiming that the accuser was lying. He later removed the image from his page.

On Jan 23 the Le Parisien newspaper published an interview with the accuser. The publication reported she was 24 years old, studying theater and lived in Algeria. The accuser’s name was not given.

The woman claimed that on Jan. 15 she was leaving a party at Brown’s hotel room located in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. She went to the bathroom and claimed Brown entered and raped her. She also claimed she was raped by one of his bodyguards and a friend of the singer.

The alleged victim said in the interview she filed the complaint not because she wanted money,  but wanted justice for the rape. The woman also said she did not want this to happen to anybody else.

The woman’s lawyer, Jean-Marc Descoubes, said in a telephone interview on Jan. 24,  he had not seen the complaint filed by Brown.  Descoubes also said his client maintains the rape allegations as being factual.

Written By Barbara Sobel


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