Instagram Allows iOS Users to Upload to Several Accounts at Once


If a person owns more than one Instagram account, and an iPhone, users will have the capacity to post to all of their accounts at once.

Simply flip the toggle next to the desired items to post on Instagram. “We are revealing this element to give a superior affair to individuals who frequently post to numerous records,” Instagram told TechCrunch.

Rumors about a regram function have surfaced on various occasions, yet Instagram said has over and over said it is not working on one. Instagram’s co-founders have discussed in the past but have not.

However, previous CEO Kevin Systrom told Wired in 2017, that the choice not to make one had to do with the organization’s attention on “genuineness” and clients’ associations. Be that as it may, Systrom and fellow co-founder Mike Krieger left the organization a year ago, leading some to think that a regram function may occur.

Keeping in mind that iPhones are now capable of posting to multiple Instagram sites this is not a regram function but it is a step toward that path.

Apparently, this new feature will be available for Android users. There is no information on when that may occur.

Written By Javona Hamb
Edited by Cathy Milne-Ware


Engadget: Instagram will let you post to multiple accounts at once

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