Kevin Fret a Gay Latin Trap Artist Was Shot and Killed

FretThe man known as the first Latin trap artist who is openly gay was shot and killed in San Juan Puerto Rico. He was 24-years-old.

Fret was riding his Yamaha motorcycle in Santurce Puerto Rico at 5:31 a.m. AT, and he was shot eight times. The artist was transported to the Medical Center of Río Piedras where he was pronounced dead.

Fret’s manager, Eduardo Rodriguez, released a statement in Spanish. He said Fret had a big heart and was a dreamer, and his love of music had a lot to do with that. The violence has to stop. No words can express the feeling everybody has knowledge that a person who had so much promise and dreams had to die. People must unite and pray for peace.

Fret was introduced to the world in April 2018 with his single “Soy Asi.” He then came out as Puerto Rico’s first openly gay Latin trap artist. The artist developed a large fan base within the LGBT community for embracing and accepting his sexuality.

In June, an onlooker in Miami assaulted Fret after they had a verbal dispute. Fret claimed that he was a victim of a hate crime and was targeted because he was gay. He was later arrested on battery charges.

“El Vocero” is reporting that detectives are investigating the class to determine if Fret’s murder was a hate crime.

It is not clear if Fret’s murder was a hate crime or motivated by other causes, but El Vocero reports that detectives for Puerto Rican police are working on the case.

The last thing Fret wrote on his Instagram was on Wednesday was ‘Pray, relax, wait for my times and I’ll do the rest.’

Written By Barbara Sobel


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