Chicago Police Receive 911 Call to Arrest R. Kelly at His Birthday Party

KellyOn the day R. Kelly turned 52-years-old, he was confronted by law enforcement in the city where he grew up. The R&B vocalist was celebrating his birthday party at a neighborhood nightclub, where he made know he was not worried about the debate circling around him. Recordings of  Kelly were posted via web-based social media late Wednesday into Thursday from club V75 in Chicago. In the recordings, he wears dim shades and a baseball cap while he incompletely sings one of his hit melodies, “Contagious.”

He likewise tells the cheering partygoers that it’s his birthday and “I don’t give a f*** what’s happening today.” At some point during the evening, CNN contacted reps for the vocalist to affirm that the man in the video was Kelly. The artist has recently experienced amidst a firestorm in the wake of the Lifetime docu-series “Surviving R. Kelly” which restored enthusiasm for claims that Kelly has manhandled young ladies and is holding some of them without their consent. Kelly and his attorney have repeatedly denied the charges.

He could likewise be confronting an investigation in Georgia where a lawyer for the family of Joycelyn Savage, one of the ladies included in the Lifetime docu-series, said the Fulton County lead prosecutor is directing an criminal inquiry into Kelly’s behavior with underage girls. An official spokesperson for the singer said Kelly had “no remark.”

Chicago police told CNN on Thursday that a 911 call was made, saying that Kelly was at the V75 club and that there was a warrant out for his capture. At the point when the officers arrived, police stated that they reached the singer, who was agreeable. Officers affirmed that there were no outstanding warrants for Kelly’s capture and they left.

Chicago police said there are no criminal investigations or allegations against the vocalist. Extremist, Darletta Scruggs and Kendra G of WGCI Radio sorted out a challenge Wednesday outside Kelly’s music studio in Chicago. Around two dozen others went along with them and were exposed to the harsh elements, some holding signs, requesting Kelly be brought to justice. They recited, “Spare our young ladies!” and “Quiet R Kelly!”

According to Kendra G, “Individuals state for what reason would we say we are so vexed? In the event that you watch the docuseries, each of the six sections, you ought to be vexed. Everyone ought to be vexed. Scruggs added, “There are certainties that you can’t deny that was in that docuseries and in the event that you observe each of the six sections … what’s more, in case you’re in Chicago you ought to be with us here [at] the present moment. His time is up.”

Kelly will be forced to become responsible, if other underage female he has had sexual encounters with are not reluctant to speakout.

According to the Chicago Examiner, the Cook County State’s attorney has been in contact with two families that have identified claims against Kelly.

Written By Javona Hamb


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