Lady Gaga Faced Public Uproar to Denounce R Kelly

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga once protected her 2013 coordinated effort with artist R. Kelly by saying that “the “bond” they shared over exceptionally false things expounded on us.” However, in the wake of an ongoing Lifetime docu-series arrangement that resulted in charges of maltreatment, savage conduct, and pedophilia against Kelly, Gaga is presently confronting public outcries to censure him. Kelly has emphatically denied the charges. However, Gaga has recently posted on her Twitter page her regret for not speaking out sooner.

Lady Gaga’s single, “Do What U Want,” highlighted vocals by Kelly, a move that was questionable when it was discovered approximately six years prior that the R&B artist had stood accused of sexual and erotic conduct with a minor in 2008. The two of them played out an explicitly provocative two-part harmony on “Saturday Night Live” at the time.

Earlier this week, “The Karen Hunter Show,” on SiriusXM, disclosed a meeting with “Surviving R. Kelly” producer, Dream Hampton, who hoped Gaga would have chosen to participate and bring her perspective to the docu series. Hampton was quoted as stating, “I needed to know how Lady Gaga could be on ‘SNL’ knowing what she knew about Kelly’s predatory behavior towards women. Gaga has been an advocate for women that have been misused. In light of her support for domestic abuse survivors, Hampton wondered how Gaga could collaborate and perform with Kelly.

Lady Gaga has been candid in the past about her interest to help rape exploited victims. She has shown courage when she intimated the world that she was an assault survivor in 2014. Gaga revealed to Howard Stern in 2014 that she was 19 when a more seasoned man exploited her. She regrets never facing him. This may be the reason she did not want to throw Kelly under the bus. Nevertheless, today she set the record straight as she responded to calls to denounce R. Kelly and his questionable conduct younger women.

Written By Javona Hamb


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