Pat Boone’s Wife Shirley Dies From Vasculitis at Age 84


Pop Singer Pat Boone’s wife of 65 years,  Shirley, has died from Vasculitis. She was 84 years old.

Vasculitis is a disease that causes the blood vessel walls to narrow and thicken which cuts off blood supply to organs and tissues. It is a rare disease with less than 200,000 cased a year. Though there is treatment, no cure has been found.

Shirley died peacefully on Friday, Jan. 11, at home in Beverly Hills. Her husband and four daughters Debby, Laury, Lindy, and Cherry were with her singing hymns.

After her death, Pat Boone told People Magazine that he would be with his wife again. Adding that she just had her address changed, and he would join her someday.

Pat Boone and Shirley first met when they were 16. When they were 19 years old, Shirley’s family planned on moving. Pat realized that he had to ask her father for her hand in marriage.

Shirley’s father agreed and in November 1953, the couple eloped and moved to Teaneck, New Jersey. While there, the Boone’s raised four daughters.

The Boone’s relocated to Beverly Hills, California, and Shirley Boone, because of her involvement with various charities wrote a best-selling book called “One’s Woman’s Liberation.”

Shirley also started a Christian ministry that is today worth a billion dollars. She also started an organization called “Save the Refugee.” In the organization’s first week, Shirley Boone and other humane organizations raised one million dollars to help Cambodia. The organization transformed into “Mercy Corps” which is now one of the largest hunger-relief charities.

Shirley Boone was diagnosed with Vasculitis a year ago. No plans for her memorial have been announced.

Written By Barbara Sobel
Edited by Cathy Milne-Ware


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