Kamala Harris Is Jussie Smollett’s Aunt Tweets Conservative Radio Host

HarrisConservative right-wing KMC radio host, Kevin McCullough, tweeted on Feb. 22, 2019, the conspiracy theory that Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA), is the aunt of ‘Empire’ actor Jussie Smollett.

The radio host repeated information he heard from Q-Anon conspiracy online websites. He said:

So there’s this…It now turns out…Kamala Harris is Jussie Smollett’s aunt. As in his mother’s sister. Which in her several photo-ops on the story to date she has yet to reveal.

The conspiracy theory stem’s around the maiden name of Jussie Smollett’s mother which happens to be “Harris.”

Sahil Kapur from Bloomberg News stated that Harris has a sister named Maya, and it is not Smollett’s mother.

Other political pundits and right-wing journalists have also discussed the theory that there is a connection between Smollett and Harris. After McCullough deleted the tweet, he tweeted twice on Feb. 23:

I wonder if Harris claiming Smollett’s ‘attackers’ were a ‘modern day lynching’ has to do with why @BernieSanders is now kicking her backside in NewHampshire polling? It’s meant — to demonstrate the left’s entirely one-sided worldview openly. Harris left up an inflammatory tweet for 23 days that effects public safety, crime, and millions of dollars in police costs. Harris’ supporters have meltdowns over rumors that are up for two hours.

People responded to McCullough’s conspiracy theory by taking to Twitter.

Brent Whittington from Cornhill responded replied by asking him if that tweet was meant to defend his previous allegations which were false. He added:

None of which satisfies the assertion of any direct relationship you have alleged. Please try to stay on the original topic. You have demonstrated another right-wing conspiracy which was created to inflame fools with lies, in the hopes of making them feel good. You have muddled your point unless it was to fool fools.

Another Twitter response from Brendan Williams @BrendanWiliams said:

You know it was just an honest mistake. Republicans have always assumed all black people know each other. It is some friendly Midwest racism. It is like a compliment.

Smocky @SmockyTubers wrote on Twitter:

Is that GOP guy from NC Kamala Harris’ long lost brother too?

Andy Schwarz @andyhre tweeted:

It turns out Harris, County Texas (Houston) is also named for Kamala Harris!

Dr. Emm @NoOneNowheresv1 said:

I did not know Harris is such an uncommon name. This could be quite the scoop.

Many people noted the racism of the conspiracy theory and how it was similar to the birther claim which was discussed about President Obama. MSNBC’s Joy Reid tweeted a warning. She said this is only going to be the beginning of what we will see in 2020.

Written by Barbara Sobel


Raw Story: Right-wing radio host slapped down hard for pushing ridiculous Kamala Harris/Jussie Smollett conspiracy theory

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