Circumcision by Parents at Home Kills 5-Month-Old Boy

The ANSA news agency in Italy reported on March 25, 2019, that a five-month-old boy died after his parents attempted to perform a circumcision in their home. The baby was transported by helicopter to a hospital in Bologna in full cardiac arrest on March 22. He died at the hospital.

Authorities have sent the case to the prosecutor’s office located in the province of northern Reggio Emilia. An investigation of the parents, who are Ghanaian in origin, has been opened to possibly charge them with manslaughter.

Recently in December 2018 in Rome, a 2-year-old received a circumcision at home, developed severe blood loss and died. Also, the child’s twin brother almost died and required hospitalization in an intensive care unit.

Those of the Roman Catholic faith in Italy do not partake in circumcision. However, Italy has a large Muslim immigrant population who circumcise for religious and cultural reasons and often had difficulty accessing medical care at a hospital, due to the high costs. Also, doctors who practice at hospitals often refuse to circumcise until the child is four years old or older.

Foad Aodi, the founder of the association of foreign doctors located in Italy (AMSI), has asked health officials to lower the age a child can be circumcised and make it more affordable.

Written by Barbara Sobel


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