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5.2 Earthquake Strikes N. Of Tocopilla, Chile


earthquakeA 5.2 magnitude earthquake struck 53 miles near Tocopilla in Chile. The earthquake, which hit on Monday, had a depth location of 72.34 kilometers below the earths surface.

The U.S. Geological Survey detected the quake at 6:52 local time. Reports are of Chile say that three people claim that they felt the temblor.

An earthquake of having a 5.2 magnitude is considered to be moderate. Nevertheless it can cause damage and bodily harm.

None of the earthquake reporting agencies have indicated if a tsunami actually did or will occur. For the record, a tsunami warning has not be issued.

One city that is close to the earthquakes epicenter it Iocopilla.

Within the last 24 hours there has been only one quake in the identified area. In fact, only one quake has occurred in the last 10 days or even in the last 30 days. However, in the last 365 days there have been seventeen earthquakes with a magnitude 3.0 or higher. These quakes have been detected to have struck the same area.

Every year there are an estimated 1320 moderate quakes worldwide.

It should be noted that Earthquakes 5.0 to 6.0 may cause light damage to buildings and other structures.

Written by DiMarkco Chandler

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