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Dixie Chicks’ Natalie Maines Fights Over Prenuptial Agreement


The lead singer of the Dixie Chicks, Natalie Maines is in a messy divorce and asked the judge to put into place the prenuptial agreement she signed by her husband Adrian Pasdar, an actor.

The Blast states Maines is asking the judge to rule on the validity of the prenuptial agreement signed by the couple before their wedding. This would enable the couple to divorce quicker.

According to the paperwork, “if the prenuptial agreement’s validity is authenticated, this would permit the early dissolution issues about property and support.”

Pasdar is accusing Maines of forcing him into poverty. Court documents show besides spousal support, Pasdar is seeking temporary child support from Maines. He is requesting monthly spousal support of $44,076 and child support for $16,427, totaling monthly $60,503.

Maines’ estranged husband is also asking to be reimbursed $350,000 In legal fees.

Pasdar alleges Maines has a worth of $50 million, liquid assets of $2.5 million and $4.5 million in property. Pasdar also says the singer will make millions when she releases her solo album and tour which will follow.

Padar says since the separation, he is in debt for about $200,000, due to the face Maines paid all the bills including the vacation home, mortgage, and children’s bills.

Padar, who appeared in “Heros” said he gave up his career to care for the children while Maines worked her career as a musician.

Padar says his monthly income is $150,000 and he cannot support his children and himself.

Before their 2000 marriage, Maines and Pasdar completed a prenuptial agreement, which Pasdar is contesting.

The lawyers for Pasdar state they will divide the assets as the prenup states, but he believes he should receive spousal support even though he did not agree to it in the prenup.

Maines is accusing to make the divorce challenging to make her spend a lot of money and waste her time. Maines is claiming her estranged husband will not hand in documents and will not agree to put his signature on a stipulation verifying that their prenup is valid.

Maines believes the divorce will come quickly one the issues resolving the prenup are resolved.

Written by Barbara Sobel


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