Michael Avenatti Says ‘Dirtbags’ Are the Reason His Twitter Is Now Private

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Stormy Daniels, former lawyer Michael Avenatti, made his Twitter account private on March 28, 2019, saying “dirtbags” were trolling those who supported him after he was charged with trying to extort the apparel company Nike for $20 million.

His over 857 thousand followers can only view 48-year-old Avenatti’s Twitter feed. He tweeted: “Since people do not know how to act appropriately, and are now attacking those who appear on my Twitter feed who support and follow me, I am making my account private. The dirtbags and put their noise on their own Twitter feed (with the four people who follow them.)

The lawyer was recently charged with federal extortion. It is alleged he threatened to release information which would be damaging unless they paid him millions of dollars.

Avenatti was arrested on March 25 on complaints filed in California and Manhattan, New York.

Avenatti had tweeted non-stop and accused Nike of “coverup & crime,” and said he had no doubt all charges would be dropped.

The lawyer has claimed he had in his possession evidence that showed high-ranking employees of Nike illegally paid basketball players on the college level and the players families.

Written by Barbara Sobel


New York Post: Avenatti makes Twitter account private, blaming ‘dirtbags’

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