Nigerian Beauty Queen Dies After Buttock Enlargement Surgery

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Beauty queen Onwuzuligbo Nneka Miriam who went by the nickname “Sparkle” went to a surgeon to take fat from her hips and transfer them to her buttocks. She felt this would help her win beauty contests.

A cosmetic surgeon named Anu who is Lagos based is currently running from authorities. It is alleged that Anu who owns Med Contour was approached by Sparkle for a BLL procedure which is fat transfer and liposuction. It is alleged Anu hires or accepts foreign doctors to help her with surgeries her company has been hired for.

Anu decided to personally operate Sparkle herself because she wanted to try to emulate the operation she had seen the surgeons perform. The buttock surgery procedure was more complicated than expected, the patient fell into a coma, and it led to her death.

A source that has not been confirmed said that the beauty queen’s sister was waiting for the procedure to be completed, and decided to enter the operating theater to find out why there was a delay. It is alleged, she saw Sparkle on the operating table almost dying with Anu not knowing how to help.

Sparkle was transferred to Vedic Hospital in Lekki and was immediately put on life support. She was later transferred to LUTH, and it is reported she died on Feb. 3.

A mistake during the buttock surgery on December 31, 2018, left the beauty queen in a coma at Vedic Hospital in Nigeria.

Sparkle died from injuries she obtained during the buttock surgery. Medical reports allege fat traveled into the woman’s lungs.

Reports say Anu is not certified as a surgeon and is a citizen of America. Clients went to her because she was popular in Lagos. Sources also allege she called previous clients telling them she was going to refund their money. However, she vanished before doing so.

It is alleged that this is not Anu’s first surgery where there were issues. It is claimed that two other women from Lagos had buttock surgery which required correction at another hospital.

Written by Barbara Sobel


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