Ashton Kutcher May Testify at Ex-Girlfriend’s Murder Trial Against ‘Hollywood Ripper’

KutcherIn court documents filed in Los Angeles on April 29, 2019, actor Ashton Kutcher has been listed to potentially testify at his ex-girlfriend 22-year-old Ashley Ellerin’s murder trial according to

Kutcher was named out of 246 people witness number 123. The trial is set to begin on May 2, over 18 years since his ex-girlfriend was viciously murdered in her apartment in Hollywood, California.

Also included on the list of witnesses is Ellerin’s family, police detectives, and officers.

It is alleged Ellerin was stabbed to death in February 2001, which was the night of the Grammy Awards. She was brutally stabbed over 50 times in her torso, neck, and head.

Kutcher arrived at his girlfriend’s home at about 10:00 p.m. CT. When he rang the bell, Ellerin did not answer. When he looked in the window he saw stains on the carpet and assumed it was red wine. He left and went to the Grammy’s alone.

A friend of Kutcher said he had nightmares about the killing for years. He grieved a long time for her and it was awful.

Michael Gargiulo is known as the ‘Hollywood Ripper’ was arrested after DNA linked him to the murder in 2008. It is alleged the serial killer may have killed up to 10 people.

The trial is expected to last approximately six months.

Written by Barbara Sobel


RadarOnline: Ashton’s Horror: Kutcher Named As Potential Witness To Testify In Ex-Girlfriend’s Murder Trial

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