Bobby Beausoleil, Manson Family Member, Parole Reversed by Governor


BeausoleilBobby Beausoleil, 71 years old, a part of the Manson Family was rejected for parole on April 26, 2019.

Beausoleil is in prison for life for the murder of 34-year-old Gary Hinman who was his friend 50 years ago.

It was reported in January, the Board of Parole recommended his release. However, Gavin Newsom, California Governor reversed the decision.

The family of the victims of the Manson Family was told of the reversal on April 29. The Governor said he reversed the decision because he felt Beausoleil could still be a danger to society if he were released.

Kay Hinman Martley, the victim’s cousin, said that she had no words to say how happy she was. She said she prayed that the Governor would do the right thing. She did not know if it would actually happen, but it did.

She added that she did not feel any Manson Family member should be permitted to be released.

Martley said that the parole hearings caused a significant amount of unhappiness with the families of the victims because the past keeps being brought up and they have to go back and forth to the hearings.

She said Beausoleil would be eligible for parole again and it makes her upset.

Beausoleil, a follower of Charles Manson, killed on July 27, 1969, Gary Hinman, a music teacher. Mason believed he was owed money from Hinman.

The victim was tortured repeatedly for two days. Described as a “kind and gentle soul,” Manson cut his face multiple times with a samurai sword. After that, Beausoleil stabbed him numerous times in his chest and took a pillow smothering him.

Hinman was the first the Manson Family murdered before going on their killing spree of eight more people including Sharon Tate who was pregnant at the time.

Written by Barbara Sobel


Radar Online: Manson Family Killer Bobby Beausoleil Rejected For Parole

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  1. If Bobby Beausoleil couldn’t get out, the odds of any of the remaining Manson family members ever getting out are almost nil.

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