Jeffree Star Called the FBI Because Somebody Stole His Makeup [Video]

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On April 1, 2019, cosmetics founder Jeffree Star tweeted about how the FBI is looking into sellers of black market makeup.

Star posted a video on YouTube explaining that somebody stole his Magic Star concealer and stole $2.5 million worth of makeup from his cosmetic line.

Star explained that he had been working for a year on his Magic Star concealer before it being leaked. He said he was living for weeks in a nightmare.

He continued by stating on March 15 he uploaded a video about his new Blue Blood collection. That night, his shipping and stock warehouse was robbed, and over $2.5 million of makeup was stolen. He continues by saying it is the largest theft he has experienced in his career.

Magic Star concealer photos have been posted on the internet, and Starr said he was expecting this to happen after he was robbed.

The FBI is involved, and Star has theories about what happened. He believes the people who robbed him were professionals, and somebody who was a temporary worker for him tipped the robber off.

He says the robber went through the roof, and it was several people. He continued by saying it was horrible seeing people take the property and put it on a truck. He did not know how to explain the feeling.

Written by Barbara Sobel


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