Notre Dame Catheral Will Not Be Able to Be Saved Firefighters Say

Notre Dame

Update: On 3:54 pm est the Ministry of the Interior released a statement saying they will not be able to save the Notre Dame Cathedral. Over 400 Firefighters are on the scene.

Deputy Mayor Emmanuel Gregoire said on BFMTV that the Notre Dame Cathedral suffered “colossal damage” from a fire which started on April 15, 2019. First responders are rushing to save priceless pieces and art which is housed in the cathedral.

A spokesperson for Notre Dame said the entire interior of the 12th-century landmark w is made of wood is on fire and will be destroyed.

News reports say the building was evacuated and there have been no injuries or deaths, and the cause is thought to have been caused by restoration projects.

Andre Finot, Notre Dame spokesperson told the media that everything in the cathedral was burning and there will be nothing remaining from the frame.

Donald Trump said: “It is a terrible terrible fire at Notre Dame is something few have witnessed. It was burning at a level you rarely see a fire burn. Notre Dame may be greater than any museum in the world, and it is burning very badly. It is a terrible scene. They think it was caused by renovation.”

A spokesperson for the firefighters is France said the next hour and a half is crucial to see if the fire at Notre Dame can be contained.

Written by Barbara Sobel


Providence News: Firefighters try to salvage art as Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris burns Notre Dame in flames: An assault on our cultural inheritance

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