Timeshare Holders Get Out of Their Timeshares Through Consumer Rights Group, Wesley Financial

timeshareIt is very easy to purchase a timeshare. Often, companies and resorts will call, making promises which they think will sell a potential buyer a timeshare.

Usually, the customer is offered a free vacation at a resort, and the only catch is one has to attend a presentation.

Once the individual is in the presentation, free food and cocktails are often offered. The individual is then told that if a timeshare is purchased, there are other incentives.

The potential customer may be offered a ticket for a drawing to win cash, boat, or even a car. Also, the individual is usually presented with another free vacation.

The timeshare company tries to convince the potential customer that if one goes every year on vacation, their timeshare has paid for itself. The company will often say by purchasing, it is a way to save money.

However, once the vacation environment is over at the resort, and the individual is manipulated into purchasing, there may be buyers regret. Also, life circumstances may have changed and it is no longer a good fit.

One of the most common reasons people want to get rid of a timeshare is financial.

Monthly payments may seem easy to make at first, but financial situations may change.

For example, one may have lost their employment, changed jobs, retired or simply financial hardships have arisen which makes it challenging to afford the timeshare.

Also, maintenance fees may increase making the timeshare which was at one time affordable no longer economical.

Unfortunately, false advertising is another frequent reason. During the presentation at the resort, the consumer is promised things in actuality, the timeshare cannot deliver.

Often, a luxurious property was assured, when in actuality it is poorly maintained and run-down.

The flexibility which was promised in actuality is not there. This could lead to monotony, boredom, and frustration with the timeshare.

There may not be a specific reason one wants to get rid of their timeshare. It may be simply that owning a timeshare is not what one thought it would be, the novelty wore off, or it is something not wanted anymore.

According to all that has been written and said about the timeshare market, it is difficult to get rid of them after the cancellation period has expired. Therefore, it is a necessity to have the knowledge and a plan regarding the system of cancellation.

Some may think this could be learned from the Internet. However, to make a cancellation work, negotiation, research, and someone who has experience in the field are necessary.

Having an advocate with the timeshare owner during the process will, in the long run, save money, stress, and time.

Wesley Financial Group, LLC, founded in 1989, is a consumer rights group. The organization specializes in timeshare cancellations, has decades of experience, and has never lost a case concerning the cancellation of a timeshare.

The resort exit team are experts in the process of legally terminating your timeshare. Success is guaranteed or they will not charge a fee.

Wesley Financial Group LLC believes that everybody has the right to be free from the economic hardships that come with being the owner of a timeshare.

If you feel it is time to unload your timeshare, please contact Wesley Financial Group LLC for a free consultation at 888-772-2929.

Wesley Financial Group LLC has been accredited by the BBB since 5/7/13 and has been featured on Bloomberg, CNN, Fox, ABC, ESPN, CNBC, and iHeart Radio.

By Steve Sanchez

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