Tom Cruise Has Big Plans for Daughter Suri as She Becomes a Teenager

On April 18, 2019, Suri Cruise becomes a teenager and turns 13. Her father 56-year-old Tom Cruise will not be there for her birthday, having been estranged from her for years.

A source has said Tom plans on calling his daughter and will give her a gift. This is precisely what Cruise did for Suri last year.

Despite Cruise not being in Suri’s life, an insider said he still loves her. Cruise admits things have become challenging after he divorced her mother 40-year-old Katie Holmes. He thinks about Suri all the time and loves her. He also realizes this is a very special birthday when Suri becomes a teenager.

Cruise never thought he would become estranged from his child and hopes to repair the relationship someday. In the meantime, he knows he can at least contact her on his 13th birthday.

Suri and her father were last seen together in 2013. Holmes has been working hard to give her a stable environment and her daughter will always be her first priority.

Rick Ross, an expert on the Church of Scientology, told, Cruise does not see his daughter because Suri is close to her mother. The Church may have designated Holmes as a “Suppressive Person” (SP.) Followers of Scientology are taught to avoid SPs because they are potential sources of trouble.

Church followers must also avoid anybody who comes in contact with an SP. Cruise would not want to be in the proximity of an SP, and he sees his daughter as a PTS. Consequently, he will not want to see her either.

Written by Barbara Sobel


Hollywood Life: Tom Cruise’s Plans For Suri’s 13th Birthday Revealed: He ‘Still Loves Her’ Despite Estrangement

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