Tornado Kills 2 in Ruston, Louisiana. Mayor Says ‘It’s Bad; Real Bad’

Two people were killed on April 25, 2019, as a tornado touched down in Ruston, Lousiana at around 2:30 am CT. The tornado also hit the campus of Louisiana Tech University.

Mayor of Ruston county, Mayor Ronny Walker, confirmed two people died, but would not release the individual’s names.

Walker said: “It is bad; real bad. We all took a direct hit.” He said most of the damage happened in Cypress Springs and Tech Drive out of Interstate 20. However, he stressed, the damage has occurred throughout the entire city.

Louisiana State Gov. John Bel Edwards said he would be traveling to Ruston later today to offer support and assess damages.

He said:

Our thoughts and prayers are with the residents of Ruston, especially to the families who lost somebody in this terrible tornado. We are presently coordinating resources to help local leaders in whatever needs are necessary, and I will be going to Ruston to see things for myself later today.

I ask for everybody in Lousiana to pray and support those in Ruston after this terrible tragedy and prepare for any upcoming bad weather as it hits Lousiana.

Mike Stone, Lincoln Parish Sheriff said the deaths occurred off of Interstate 20 near the Pizza Hut. He said the bodies could not be recovered due to the dangerous weather. He said:

I have never seen anything this bad in 43 years. It is tragic, and it will be a long time before everything can be fixed and cleaned up.

Les Guice, Tech President, said there were no serious reported injuries to the students. However, there was significant damage to the softball and baseball fields, and trees fell at Hall and Keeney Halls.

The campus would be shut down today so the tornado damage could be assessed, as well as all Lincoln Parish Schools.

Written by Barbara Sobel


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