Family Wants to Know How Latoni Daniel Became Pregnant in Jail

DanielOn December 5, 2017, Latoni Daniel was sent to jail with a capital murder charge. It was alleged that she was the getaway driver in a robbery in Coosa County, Alabama, in which Thomas Virgil Chandler, 87 years old was shot and killed during a robbery. If convicted, Daniel could receive a death sentence.

Daniel was denied bail and has been jailed for 17 months. When she entered the very small Coosa County jail in Rockford, she was not pregnant, and right now she is eight months.

Terrell Ransaw, Daniel’s brother wants to know how his sister became pregnant.

Daniel says she does not remember having a sexual relationship with anybody.

As the inmate awaits a trial date, she is scheduled to give birth the last week of May. The boy Daniels will be having will be her first child.

Civil Attorney Mickey McDermott, Daniels’ legal counsel, said he believes his client was raped while in jail. The inmate was on sedatives which were prescribed by a doctor for seizures. He confirms she has no recollection of the encounter.

Ransaw said before she went to jail, his sister did not suffer from a seizure disorder.

Ransaw is s a former veteran of the U.S. National Guard, who was honorably discharged. She has no other felony convictions. Court records show that in 2013 she was arrested for theft, but was not indicted.

Ransaw has been transferred to a jail in Talladega County.

Written by Barbara Sobel


ABC News: Family questions how inmate jailed 17 months got pregnant family of pregnant Alabama jail inmate: ‘We just want a fair investigation’

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