Harlem Fire: Deadliest Fire Since 2017

HarlemOn Wednesday May 8, 2019 a fire in Harlem broke out, damaging apartments and killing a total of six people. Among those who were killed in the fire were four children.

The fire occurred on the corners of Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Boulevard and West 142nd Street in the Harlem community. According to investigators, this fire was caused by an unattended stove that caught on fire and eventually spread to the whole building. As soon as the firefighters arrived at the apartment, they attempted to locate the children in the building but the process to get the fire under control was very challenging. It took 1oo firefighters using their skills to help put out this huge fire.

This crisis is so significant because it is the deadliest fire in the neighborhood since 2017. In December 2017, another deadly fire broke out in the Bronx area of the city which killed 12 people. The cause of that massive fire was very similar to the most recent fire because they were both caused by a stove. The fire in 2017 erupted when a 3 year old began to experiment with the buttons and knob on the stove.

Following the fire that killed the six people on May 8, many students in the Harlem community who attended school with the victims of the fire sent their condolences to the survivors and family members of those who were lost.

Written by Gloria Mcalpin


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Featured and The Top Image Courtesy of Patrick Stahl’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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