HIV Positive Teacher Hired Hitman to Kill 7-Year-Old He Allegedly Molested

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HIVA teacher who tested HIV positive from St. Louis who has been accused of molesting a 7-year-old student and is awaiting a trial, had another charge added his sentence. He has now been charged with hiring a hitman to murder his alleged victim.

In 2015, 36-year-old Deonte Taylor, a teacher’s aide at Lusher Elementary School was accused of exposing himself to a student who was 7-years-old. He then inserted his penis into the mouth of the student.

At the time, no charges were filed against him, and he was employed elsewhere. Three years after the incident, his case was reopened, and in November 2018, police arrested him. Taylor’s DNA was a match to DNA from the former student.

When the HIV positive teacher was arrested, he was employed for the Ferguson-Florissant School District. When the district was questioned about how they vetted their teachers, a spokesman for the Ferguson-Florrisant School District, Kevin Hampton said: “Before he was hired, Taylor’s criminal background was checked and there was a check to see if he was registered as a sex offender. He passed, and nothing showed up out of the ordinary.”

While HIV positive Taylor was in jail awaiting his trial, police say Taylor and his boyfriend, Michael Johnson, 66 years old, attempted to hire a hitman to murder the family and the child he allegedly sexually assaulted.

It was also discovered, that the HIV positive teacher continued to receive his salary. When Hampton was questioned why this was permitted to happen, he said: “Everybody is entitled to due process. Taylor was no different, and he had the opportunity when the charges were filed. When the second set of charges were filed, it became clear he would not be returning to his position and was fired.”

Taylor had the charges of conspiracy to commit murder (due to his HIV status), and witness tampering added to the three charges of first-degree sodomy he had already been charged with.

Both Taylor and Johnson have pled not guilty.

A GoFundMe Page Has been set up to help the victim and has raised $4,109 of $15,000 goal. The HIV status of the victim has not been released.

Written by Barbara Sobel


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