Isaac Kappy ‘Thor’ Actor Apologizes to Trump, QAnon and Jumps Off Bridge [Video]

KappyAt 7:30 am MT on May 13, 2019, state troopers received a call that a man jumped off a bridge in Arizona. Two teens tried to stop the man from jumping. After he jumped, he was struck by a car and was pronounced dead at the scene.

One day before 42-year-old actor Isaac Kappy jumped off the Arizona Bridge, he deleted all posts from his Instagram and removed his avatar picture and left one post on May 12, 2019.

In the post, he said he was not a good guy and took responsibility for his actions. He continued by saying he was going through some difficult times.

Kappy wrote on his Instagram that over the last week, he looked at his life and came to realizations about himself. It was due to his ignorance that he did not come to these revelations sooner. He said that he thought he was a good person, but in fact, he was not and was a bad person his entire life.

Kappy apologized to QAnon for bringing shame to them and called them the most significant military action ever. H said that he was supposed to make America great again; he did not work at making himself great.

Admitting to abusing alcohol and drugs, he apologized to Trump and said he told people in the Trump administration he was willing to admit to his crimes and offered to be executed in public to pay for those crimes.

He made allegations of actors participating in pedophilia saying that he has outed many former people he considered friends as pedophiles, but he continued to associate with them.

Kappy made allegations against Steven Speilberg and Seth Green.

TMZ reported in August 2018, Kappy allegedly tried to choke Paris Jackson while they were at a party. It is also alleged that he was being investigated for harassing Green and his wife. He also allegedly tweeted on Twitter that he was ready to have a shootout with law enforcement.

Kappy played in the 2011 movie “Thor,” the clerk in a pet store. He also appeared in “Terminator Salvation” released in 2009 as Barbarossa, and “Fanboys” in 2009 as Garfunkel.

Written by Barbara Sobel


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