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Madonna Gives a Career Ending Bad Performance at Eurovision [Video]


MadonnaThe Eurovision Song Contest 2019 took place on May 18, 2019. Madonna promised a ‘show to remember’ when she was paid $1M to perform two songs in its finale, which took place in Tel Aviv, Israel.

The show was not carried in the United States due to poor ratings but was carried around the world.

Piers Morgan took to his Twitter after seeing Madonna perform and told his 6.64 million people who follow him “RIP to Madonna’s Career.”

Reviews after the performance agreed with Morgan’s statement regarding the 60-year-old pop star.

Many of the fans on the Madonna-Infinity forum consisting of hard-core Madonna fans were in agreement.

Notbizzare said: “A pop star should connect with the audience, even if it is with their music. Last night Madonna did not. If Madonna had more people around her that did not yes her to death, she would know that also. I want to think Madonna already knows that.”

o_g_c_x said: “There is not a single good review for her performance in the news today.”

stfan97 said: “The opening of the show looked like she was doing the MDNA tour and part of the Met Gala redux. We have all seen that and it was better elsewhere. What everybody noticed immediately were the poor vocals. I watched the show live in High Def, and she looked insecure and nervous. The whole vibe and energy of the performance were like that. The atmosphere in the entire room became more dead as the performance went on.”

faitomane said: “What was said in the press today did not even mention the fact she is 60-years-old. It is about how she screwed up her classic song and acted like a 70-year-old. She was not at her best last night, and that is a fair criticism.”

XPresso said: “Madonna should fire her entire management team for not stopping her from performing at Eurovision. It is a cheap, trashy music-show where the entire show is about cheap Eurotrash-music. No artists with success or a reputation would perform there.”

There were some fans on the Madonna-Infinity forum who will support Madonna no matter what

Amlo said: “Her performance has nothing to do with her age! OK. It was not her best vocals. She is our Queen, and we must always support her no matter what!”

MrCommotion said: “I did like it. Madonna is a woman who is 60 years old who has been singing since her 20’s. You can not expect her voice to be incredible now. It is normal.”

tvseries said: “I love the Queen! She was nervous singing live! She is so special! She put her life and her family’s life at risk for this performance! Who has ever done this before?”

Zaktkoons said: “I was crying when I saw her! This is why she will always be my Queen! Her live singing was fantastic!”

Mjviolet89 said: “Besides Madonna singing off key, I think this performance was better than the one she did at Billboard.”

Madonna released on May 17, her fourth single from her upcoming “Madame X” album, which failed to hit the United States iTunes chart and has been her lowest scoring single to date. The three previous singles were failures also.

Madonna, an LGBT advocate, was asked by LGBT groups who were boycotting the show to stand behind them with a boycott. Multiple other artists and groups boycotted Eurovision due to human rights violations (including Roger Waters from Pink Floyd.)

Written by Barbara Sobel


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