Madonna Releases 4th Flop in a Month, Which Did Not Chart on USA iTunes

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MadonnaMadonna released on May 17, 2019, her fourth single from her upcoming ‘Madame X’ album set to drop on June 14. This single has done the worst of all her releases.

Not even charting on the USA and Spain iTunes charts, where it did hit, it was primarily at the bottom. By the second day, it had dropped to fall off the charts status.

It really appears as if Madonna and her management are trying to release as much material as possible, to see if she can get a hit out of anything. Unfortunately, it does not appear to be working.

Madonna is set to release one more single before “Madame X” drops. Practically half of the album would have been released, and if the next single follows like these four, it will be her fifth flop.

This was billed as the big Madonna comeback. Instead, it is showing her desperation and poor business sense to release singles one after another, without remixes, and without a chance to build an audience.

Madonna is going the way of Ariana Grande releasing singles, one after another without working on it to try to have a  hit.

The problem with this is the 60-year-old singer is not Ariana Grande, and she is trying to make a comeback with others besides her hardcore groupies. Four singles that have flopped will not return her to the mainstream.

The timing of the release of this new single was also interesting. Madonna chose to release her single on the eve of her controversial Eurovision performance, as to bury it, knowing the press would primarily cover Eurovision.

Madonna was asked by multiple organizations, celebrities, and LGBT groups not to perform due to human rights violations. LGBT groups will be holding their own song contest at the same time as Eurovision.

The self-proclaimed champion of LGBT and human rights said she would not give up her million dollar fee to perform two songs and she would perform.

Even the Madonna-Infinity Forum was not thrilled with Madonna’s latest single.

Luiz Ribeiro said: “I can not believe it took Madonna such a great deal of time to deliver generic music.”

Lucifer’s Angel said: “The song has repetitive lyrics with a cliche message. She is chasing the current trends in music and the music is not innovative. In my opinion, I Rise and this is the worst songs. I am so disappointed.”

Xpresso said: “Future is a generic song and I can not understand why she is promoting it and releasing it right before Eurovision.”

PWCCA said: “I think this is one of the worst songs. It is so boring and generic. And she is doing all the autotune again.”

Mrsciccone said: “This is the first time I do not recognize Madonna’s voice.”

Then there are the fans on the forum who love anything Madonna does:

Ambrose said: “I am listening to it for the fourth time. It is the weakest preview track, and Quavo is not necessary. I do not understand any of the lyrics, and the vocoder is way too aggressive. The chorus is good and I love the rhythm and horns.”

Notbizzre said: “Heard Future and it is amazing!”

MCGuim said: “I may be the only one, but I love the track.”

iTune Charts for Madonna & Quavo – ‘Future’


Chart debut: #60 (17 May 2019)
Highest Position: #60 (17 May 2019)
Most recent chart position: #88 (18 May 2019)

United Kingdom:

Chart debut: #35 (17 May 2019)


Chart debut: #71 (17 May 2019)


Chart debut: #16 (17 May 2019)


Chart debut: #20 (17 May 2019)


Chart debut: #88 (17 May 2019)


#14 (17 May 2019)


Chart debut: #20 (17 May 2019)

Written by Barbara Sobel



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