Madonna to Release Two More Singles After Three Flops Prior to Album

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MadonnaMadonna released her new single entitled “Crave” featuring Swae Lee on May 10, 2019. It did not open at number 1 on iTunes anywhere, and by the third day of the release, it was already off of some of the iTunes charts.

“Crave” was an immediate failure. “I Rise” was released on May 3, and was off of some iTunes charts of iTunes charts between 4 and five days. “Medellin,” was a failure from the start. Madonna paid $5M of her own money to show up on the Billboard Awards with Holograms of herself, yet did not chart on mainstream Billboard.

The Offer Nissim remix of “Medellin” which was finally released, did nothing to help the song.

Madonna plans on releasing a single on May 17 and another June 7. The release of “Madame X” the entire album is scheduled to drop on June 14.

By the time “Madame X” hits the public, if the two other singles follow the first three, five of the album’s 12 songs would have flopped.

Madonna and her people are trying to bombard the public with music and see if anything works. Unfortunately, unless one is a hardcore fan who will never say anything Madonna does is terrible, it is not working for the mainstream audiences.

Madonna fans say that the pop star is not putting out music to have a hit. That is not how record companies look at things.

If Madonna wanted to put out duets, a better route to go was to use as partner an individual who is popular with the mainstream audiences.

The Material Girl had a hit with Justin Timberlake. A name the mainstream recognizes. Maluma, who has more Instagram followers than Madonna, could not make “Medellin” a hit with his huge Latin American fan base.

If 60-year-old Madonna wanted to sing a duet with a younger singer, none would say no to the opportunity of working with a legend. However, the people she is choosing do not have a base of fans who care.

Madonna needs to take a long hard look at what she is doing with the release of her album which is coming off the worst selling album of her career. The way she is going, “Madame X” will break that record.

Written by Barbara Sobel


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