Morrissey Music Banned From the World’s Oldest Record Store [Video]

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MorrisseySpillers Records, located in Cardiff, Wales, is considered the oldest record store in the world. According to WalesOnline, the legendary store has removed all Morrisey music from their shelves.

The store says they refuse to carry Morrissey because of the singer’s support of the far-right.

Earlier in May, 60-year-old Morrissey appeared on Jimmy Fallon’s “The Tonight Show.” He performed “Morning Starship” from his upcoming 12th studio album from the singer “California Son.”

The covers album is being released on May 24, 2019.

During his performance, Morrissey wore a pin on his jacket of the logo Far Britain” which is the UK political party of the far-right, founded by Anne Marie Waters and anti-Islan activist. After the performance, Waters thanked him in a video.

Morrissey had also worn the pin when he performed his New York concerts.

The Smiths’ former lead singer has been criticized in the past about his political views. He came out in support of Tommy Robinson, the former leader of the English Defense League.

In an interview with the Guardian in 2010, when asked about animal cruelty in China, he said: “You can not help feeling the Chinese are a subspecies.”

He also has said in 2019 that there is a connection between Halal meat and ISIS, referred to Adolf Hitler as being “left wing,” and accused Sadiq Khan, the mayor of London, of not being able to speak properly.

Spillers Records owner, Ashli Todd, said: “I am saddened but not surprised that Spillers Records will no longer be able to stock the releases of Morrissey. I only wish I had made the decision sooner.”

Written by Barbara Sobel


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