Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Has Controversial Views About Vaccines

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Robert F. Kennedy has expressed his anti-measles vaccine views, and now three of his family members, two siblings and a niece, have bashed his beliefs and labeled them as “tragically wrong.”

The American activist and environmental lawyer has publicly accused pharmacies of purposely making children sick with vaccines. Kennedy says they do this so that they can profit off of the long term medications that will be needed once the children are sick. While 22 states are struggling to gain control of what appears to be the worst measles outbreak in years, Kennedy is bashing the cure for it. Last week, he told vaccine activists in Texas that the doctors were “just trying to get at [their] babies.” Members of his family have gained knowledge of the information he is spreading, and they strongly disagree with his views.

Kennedy’s pro-vaccine family members have publicly stated that they feel their brother and uncle are, to put it frankly, wrong. They said that he is spreading misinformation in a time critical for immunization among community members. They also stated that his actions are dangerous since there are 110,000 people who die every year, resulting from the measles disease. Kennedy’s family said that a large number of preventable diseases are as a result of parents not vaccinating their children and that the information that is being spread by him is not helping, but rather hurting the ongoing situation.

Kennedy’s family stated,

“We are proud of the history of our family as advocates of public health and promoters of immunization campaigns to bring life-saving vaccines to the poorest and most remote corners of America and the world, where children are the least likely to receive their full course of vaccinations. On this issue, Bobby is an outlier in the Kennedy family.”

Most of Kennedy’s family members are strong believers in vaccines. Even his late father, who was assassinated  November 22, 1963, was a strong advocate for vaccinations to prevent diseases. In the year before his death, President Kennedy told Congress that there was no excuse for children to lose their lives to diseases such as Pertussis, polio, tetanus, or diphtheria since vaccines were available. He even asked the American people to join a nationwide program for vaccination to erode those four particular diseases, showcasing that he was indeed in favor of the medication.

Kennedy’s family explained that everyone has a role in helping communicate the safety benefits of vaccinations, and even if their brother and uncle would not do that, it should not sway anyone else’s decision to help keep people alive. They concluded by saying that if one were to do something to obstruct the goal of keeping people healthy, this would risk “even further erosion of one of public health’s greatest achievements.”

Written by Trinity Oglesby


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