Shark Kills Tourist From California Visiting Hawaii on Vacation

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SharkPEOPLE magazine is reporting that a 65-year-old male tourist visiting Hawaii from California was attacked by a shark and killed on May 26, 2019.

The Fire Department of Maui and Land and Natural Resources Department said in a statement that an eyewitness saw the tourist swimming offshore at approximately 60 years near Ka’anapali Beach located on Maui.

KITV reports the man was brought from the ocean by Jet Ski and was unconscious. CPR was performed, but he died from the injuries caused by the shark attack.

Allison Keller, who witnessed rescuers removing the man from the ocean after the shark attacked him, spoke with a reporter from Hawaii News Now.

Keller said the tourist was on vacation from California. His wife was with him. The man sustained injuries to his wrist and leg.

Keller continued by saying as she got closer to the man saw what appeared to be blood coming from his stomach. After she looked further, she saw his wrist, and it seemed as if the skin was ripped off from it.

She added that as she looked even closer, she noticed that the tourist’s left leg was missing from his knee down. She said she did not see any blood coming from it.

Officials report at the time of the shark attack, and the water was clear and calm. The surf was flat to a little under one-foot.

In 2019, there have been six shark attacks. The last fatal attack from a shark in Hawaii occurred in 2015.

Written by Barbara Sobel


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