Suicidal Woman Tries to Open New York Bound Plane Door During Descent

PlaneOn May 10, 2019, there was an issue aboard a Delta plane from North Carolina to New York. A suicidal woman tried to open the door of the plane during its descent to LaGuardia Airport.

The plane hit the runway without incident, and law enforcement met it on the LaGuardia runway.

Stacey Herbert tweeted on Twitter saying that a woman in her 20s became suicidal. He tried to open the plane door, and it descended into LaGuardia. Her father who was on the plane with her pulled her away from the door. The woman was screaming that she needed the door open and wanted to die. I was not scared because I knew a plane door would not open, but her screaming was terrifying.

Authorities stated that the woman made comments that she wanted to kill herself and was acting as if she could cause herself harm and required restraint.

There were no injuries, and the woman was taken off the plane and transported to the hospital for evaluation.

Authorities wanted people to know that no matter what the woman tried, a plane door cannot be open when it is in midflight and negative pressure will not permit it to open.

Police are interviewing the other passengers who were on the flight.

Written by Barbara Sobel


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Eyewitness News: Passenger: Suicidal woman tried to open plane door on New York City-bound flight

Featured and Top Image Courtesy of Andrew W. Sieber’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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