Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom Having Problems Prior to Wedding

PerrySinging sensation Katy Perry, 34 years old, and actor Orlando Bloom, 42 years old, do not have the same idea regarding the details of their wedding, and it is causing problems.

A friend of Perry’s told RadarOnline that the singer was a huge wedding that is extremely elaborate. She wants it to be a production that everybody will talk about.

Continuing the source says Perry wants an extensive guest list and the wedding reception at a venue that is extremely expensive and super elaborate.

Multiple news outlets have also reported that Perry is considering holding her wedding at Disneyland, marrying Bloom in the castle of Cinderella.

The source said that Bloom does not want to do anything like that for the wedding.

Bloom is said to want a small private wedding, and the venue would be quaint. He even suggested that the couple should run off and have a destination wedding. He has stressed he only wants close family and friends there.

The source said The couple is not agreeing on anything. Perry goes overboard in everything the singer does, and this is no different.

This is a second marriage for Perry and Bloom. Perry was married to Russell Brand, and Bloom to Miranda Kerr.

The couple began dating in 2016, broke up briefly in March 2017, and announced their engagement on Instagram Valentine’s Day.

Written by Barbara Sobel


RadarOnline: Katy Perry & Orlando Bloom In ‘Complete Disagreement’ Over ‘Massive’ Wedding

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