Wendy Williams Breaks Down and Cries During the Taping of Her Show

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WilliamsOn the May 16, 2019, episode of “The Wendy Williams Show,” Williams was discussing a night she went out with girlfriends after she filed for divorce of her husband of 21 years Kevin Hunter.

Williams discussed with the audience in the studio a recent outing she had with Angela Renée White, otherwise known as Blac Chyna and Kevin Hunter Jr., her son, who is 19 years old.

Williams became emotional when discussing the event.

She said to the audience, “You all know that I have got a brand new life right now.”

Williams detailed the date she had with her son and Chyna. The outing was prompted after Chyna appeared on the May 15 taping of Williams’ show.

Williams said that she and Chyna did the trick with their boobs when they went out. The talk show host said, “The music in the restaurant was playing loud, and we both did it to the beat of the music.”

She continued by saying, “Everybody there was embarrassed, but in a way that was fun. You understand what I am getting at.”

Williams could not stop herself from becoming emotional while describing the event.

She said to the audience, “My son looked at me as if to say, ‘Look at mom. She is having fun.”

I looked at him and thought, “Look at my son over there. He is looking at me having fun.” Williams’ voice started to crack as she continued, saying, “I am just saying. I am just saying. I am not complaining. Really I am not. I am just saying that it was nice.”

Williams has been open about her life since filing for divorce. She recently said that she had a lot of offers since she has re-entered the dating world.

At the time she told the audience that she was reclaiming and taking control of her life. She stressed that she did not have a steady boyfriend at present. She said she was rediscovering her love of me.

Williams also admitted that she is dating, and dates quite often.

The talk show host has alluded to the troubles in her life, which eventually led to the filing of divorce papers. It is alleged that reason was her husband’s long term affair with massage therapist Sharina Hudson.

It is rumored that recently Hudson gave birth to a baby girl in New Jersey, and Hunter was the father.

During Hot Topics on her show, Williams stated that there was a place in hell for women who have sexual relations with a married man.

A source has said that the references Williams has been making regarding the deterioration of their married due to the alleged adultery are concerning Hunter. The source continued by saying he is considering blocking the talk show host from mentioning him on her show.

The source continued by saying he is furious. Both of them agreed that the divorce proceedings would not be discussed on the show.

The source continued by saying nobody feels any sympathy for him. Williams is outspoken, and she is angry about what he did to her.

Written by Barbara Sobel


PopCulture: Wendy Williams Breaks Down and Cries on TV

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