Whole Foods Chooses the Environment Over Straws

Whole Foods

Whole Foods is choosing the environment over straws, as they have announced plans to get rid of plastic straws in all of their stores located in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada. According to the “USA Today,” this initiative will go into effect in July of 2019.

The reason that supermarkets like Whole Foods are making this adjustment is because they “care for the environment” and will do whatever needs to be done to reduce plastic pollution. Plastic is known to harm the environment by releasing toxic chemicals into the soil when it breaks down. To prevent this from happening stores all over the world are getting rid of a variety of plastic items including disposable plastics such as plastic bags.

Whole Foods is not the only store that will be transitioning from plastics to paper items. Stores like Starbucks, Panera and McDonalds have also announced that there is a chance they will be participating in this movement, which they believe will help save the environment. When customers enter one of these stores, instead of just receiving plastic straws, they have to request them. If the customers do not request a plastic straw they will automatically receive a paper one. The only people who will be receiving plastic straws would be individuals with disabilities. This is because they need plastic straws to be able to drink beverages.

Written by Gloria Mcalpin. Edited by Kimberley Spinney.


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