Brenden Mendoza Is the Man Behind the Starbucks Pride Tumbler

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June 2019 is the 50th anniversary of Pride and with that major milestone comes plenty of tributes honoring love in all of its forms. Thanks to Starbucks and creative manager, Brenden Mendoza, one of those tributes comes in the form of a 24-oz tumbler, featuring a rainbow design with the word “LOVE” woven into the rainbow, that the coffee chain has been selling since the end of May.

With the popularity of the “Love” tumbler, many people have been curious about the person who designed the simple but elegant rainbow drinking vessel. As Starbucks Stories explained in their profile of Mendoza, the man behind the tumbler chose his design in an effort to be inclusive, which is the entire point of the rainbow, and of course Pride itself.

According to Brenden Mendoza, “My hope is that for the community, all feel included – that extends to not only the gay community but my trans brothers and sisters. It’s for them as well.”

The goal of Mendoza’s design was to create a tumbler that was not only inclusive of all people, but that would still be relevant years from now. Much like the word love and a rainbow are universal symbols in general, when used together they are a symbol of so much more than just Pride. As Mendoza pointed out, a rainbow “holds so much power,” and using it with the word “Love” acts as a simple but powerful reminder of acceptance.

Born in the 1980s, Brenden Mendoza is a member of the LGBTQ+ community and has watched as “LGBTQ history and acceptance was still evolving,” which makes his design that much more powerful and important.

For many people the tumbler is simply another offering from Starbucks, while other people see it as a symbol of the company’s continued commitment to inclusivity. If social media is anything to go by, it seems that Brenden Mendoza has been able to hit the mark with his tumbler, as it has become a true talking point on platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Not only do plenty of people want to own the cup, but once someone picks it up for themselves they are quick to share a picture with the world.

However one looks at the Pride tumbler, what Mendoza has created is enduring in many ways and will be a constant reminder to anyone who owns one that love is love.

Written and edited by Kimberley Spinney


Starbucks Stories – LOVE: Meet the designer of the Starbucks Pride cup people are buzzing about

Image Credit – Starbucks Media Center – Used with Permission