Chipotle Dealing With Unhappy Customers Over Guacamole Complaints


Chipotle is dealing with some quality control issues at some of the chain’s restaurants, and customers are taking to social media to get their complaints out there for the world to see. While the restaurant has had issues in the past, the current problem revolves around their popular guacamole.

According to “Delish,” Chipotle customers are upset over the quality of the guacamole they have been getting lately. However, it seems that the issues vary between restaurants. In some cases, the problem is that Chipotle is serving guacamole that is brown and “sad looking,” another complaint is that it is too chunky (and not necessarily just because there are larger pieces of avocado in the mix). Finally, the last major issue some customers are noticing is stringy guacamole.

On social media, pictures are being posted of the lackluster guacamole, with many Chipotle customers sharing their dissatisfaction over the quality of one of their favorite burrito and bowl accompaniments. Surprisingly, it is not just the customers who are speaking up, as there are apparently employees heading to Reddit to share the news that there have been times when they cannot even sell guacamole in stores.

While customers and even employees might be worried or upset over these apparent quality issues, it may not actually be Chipotle’s fault. Instead, the answer might be as simple as the avocados themselves. Considering there is a bit of an avocado crisis at the moment, this news is actually not that surprising.

However, while there may be problems with avocado supplies, according to Chipotle, the real reason for the unappealing guacamole might have more to do with their seasonal switch from Mexican avocados to Peruvian ones. According to Laurie Schalow, the chief communications officer for Chipotle, “Due to the seasonal transition from Peruvian to Mexican suppliers that happens every year at this time, we are experiencing normal variabilities in our avocados but we can assure our customers that our guac is still being freshly prepared.”

Although the fact that the restaurant chain has changed over to different avocados might seem like an excuse, according to Equal Exchange, the reality is that there is a difference between the avocados from each location. While both countries produce the Haas avocados that Chipotle uses to make their guacamole, the avocados from Peru have thicker skins and typically take longer to ripen than their Mexican counterparts.

Typically the avocados that Americans are purchasing and eating come from Mexico over Peru, and it is said that it can take a bit of time to get used to the difference between the two varieties (even though they are both Haas). Following the customer complaints, Chipotle issued a statement regarding the situation in which they said they are already working on the problem, and they have begun the transition away from the Peruvian avocados and back to the ones from Mexico.

Written by Kimberley Spinney


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