Hurricane Kiko Intensifies Rapidly Over the Weekend

HurricaneStarting as a tropical storm, Kiko grew into a Hurricane in only a few hours, as predicted by the National Weather Service. The hurricane will move across the eastern Pacific as it continues to gain speed over the weekend.

By 11 a.m. the hurricane was located by the center, Kiko was centered 730 southwest of Baja California while moving westward at 12 miles per hour. Due to Hurricane Kiko’s path over the warm waters in addition to the low wind environment, its winds were allowed to strengthened quicker than normal.

The hurricanes wind speed reaches a maximum of 85 miles per hour and may increase until Tuesday. Forecasters predict the storm to weaken by Tuesday as the hurricane moves into colder waters and rising wind shear.

Since Kiko is expected to weaken back to a tropical level, forecasters are not worried about the hurricane making contact with the Hawaiian islands. However, this is not the only weather disturbance monitored by the National Weather Service Forecast.

Closer than Kiko to the Hawaiian islands, are tracking two south of the island. With both of the disturbances in the water having a 20 percent chance of becoming a tropical cyclone within the next five days, forecasters are watching for the earliest signs of change.

Written by Brielle Remy Buford


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