State Fair of Texas Is Happening Now, but Their Coupons Never Expire

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State Fair

Every year, the State Fair of Texas begins on the final Friday of September and runs for 24 days, offering visitors endless opportunities to enjoy delicious foods, enjoyable games, and a wide range of events and activities. The fair is held in Dallas, Texas at their historic fair park, and it is considered one of the preeminent state fairs in the country, with many considering it America’s best fair.

From parades to concerts there is something for everyone visiting the park. However, for many people, the entire purpose of heading to the State Fair is about trying the food, specifically all of the fried treats. Whether a person is looking for fried Oreos, corn dogs, fried dough, fried pickles, or any other combination of deep fried goodness, the State Fair of Texas is the ultimate destination for food lovers looking to indulge.

In order to get these fried foods, one needs to first purchase coupons that can be used for not only food and drinks in the park, but also for the rides. These coupons cost $0.50 each, and come in sheets of 20. For many people, by the time the fair comes to an end (for the day or the year), there are often coupons leftover that did not get used. While some people might toss these coupons thinking they were no longer good or hand them off to other people in the park, according to the Dallas News, it is in one’s best interest to save those unused coupons.

Apparently, even though the coupons tend to change color at the State Fair of Texas every year, and even have the year purchased on them, they actually never expire. This means that even if the coupons were purchased in 2009, they can still be used in 2019. As the Dallas News describes them, “these coupons are like the forever stamps of the State Fair of Texas.”

A spokeswoman for the State Fair, Karissa Condoianis, confirmed this information as well. She explained that no matter when the coupons were purchased or when they are used, they will always have a value of $0.50. This means that even if a person is not coming back for the rest of the fair, they can keep any excess coupons they have and reuse them the next year or any other year they choose to attend the fair.

Considering the many events and activities that are hosted at the State Fair of Texas, including car shows, food competitions, and concerts, it makes sense that people across the country might be interested in learning more about this annual event. The fact that their food and ride coupons never expire is certainly an added benefit and bonus to attending the State Fair, and potentially over buying when it comes to those food tickets.

Written by Kimberley Spinney


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Image Credit – Kimberley Spinney – Used with Permission