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Black Friday and Cyber Monday Will Offer Some of the Best Travel Deals


Black Friday

Every year, eager shoppers looking to save money and snag the latest, greatest items head out on Black Friday to find the perfect sale. A few days later, on Cyber Monday, they are back at it again, this time doing more virtual shopping to find those deals they may have missed out on before. However, there is one category that some people tend to overlook when they are doing their Black Friday and Cyber Monday bargain hunts – travel.

While shopping for travel might not seem like something one would do on Black Friday, it is actually a great time to snag a deal on everything from hotel stays to airfare. According to USA Today, the best way to score a great travel deal on the shopping holiday is to plan ahead. Find out what deals are being offered and then compare them to any other offers.

As CNBC points out, one way to keep track of those Black Friday travel deals is to sign up for email alerts from different sites. Plus, there is even an entire day dedicated to travel savings that goes along with Black Friday/Cyber Monday known as Travel Deal Tuesday.

Travel deals can include getting discount cruises, tickets to attractions, and even tour packages. However, as any savvy shopper likely knows, for every great deal or sale out there, there are a lot of junk offers that are not really saving anyone anything. The key to getting the best travel deals on Black Friday is to do the research needed to determine what is a steal and what is a dud.

Before cashing in on a supposed Black Friday or Cyber Monday deal, it is important to check multiple times before the sales even go live. What might seem like a great deal in the moment, could end up being nothing more than fool’s gold. Travel experts recommend signing up for emails from travel agencies and booking sites in order to get notified of any sales that pop up.

Some offers to be on the lookout for include discounts on train travel from Amtrak. In 2018, Amtrak offered travelers up to 30 percent off tickets. Airlines will also be offering flash sales, which means now is the time to book that ticket to Europe or New York. It is important to note that many airlines will wait to offer their best deals until Cyber Monday and Travel Deal Tuesday, so it can be worth it to wait a few extra days instead of jumping on what looks like an amazing Black Friday deal.

Resorts and hotels are also looking to capitalize on the Black Friday spending sprees, as they will also be offering deals and discounts to savvy shoppers. Being a member of rewards programs is often the best way to get a deal or sale, so pay attention to any fine print when booking that discount travel package or hotel stay.

Some cruise lines are even offering sales of up to 50 percent off depending on the destination of their ships. While Black Friday might seem like a weird time to book that cruise or excursion, it might just be the best time to save the money and check off a destination on the bucket list.

Do the research and find the best deals on travel this holiday season. Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Travel Deal Tuesday are here to save everyone a lot of money on their next trip – no matter where that trip may be.

Written by Kimberley Spinney


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